Earn Free Chocolate With The Beyond Healthy Chocolate Loyalty Program

How to take advantage of the Healthy Chocolate Loyalty Program

Ok, so you decided that you want to start ordering Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate products but you want to make sure you are getting the best value.  Is there a coupon code, a discount, free shipping or any other offer that makes it worth your while, right?  <P> You are a smart consumer and you want to be sure you are getting the best deal.  I don’t blame you, I do exactly the same thing! I even checked ebay and amazon until I realized the only way to get fresh product is to order direct like this.  When you buy product on ebay or amazon, it may have been sitting in someone’s garage for a year.  If I am paying for the health benefits of premium high antioxidant, cocoa flavanol chocolate, then I need it to be fresh and not expired.  You deserve that too. <P> Well savvy healthy chocolate consumers will be happy to know they are eligible for the Healthy Chocolate loyalty program just by ordering monthly. So what is so great about the Healthy Chocolate Loyalty Program? It is actually an awesome program.  The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is designed to reward those members of our Healthy Chocolate Family who continue to purchase products through our Auto Ship program. The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is available to newly enrolled Preferred Customers and higher who join and establish an auto ship order at the time of their enrollment. The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is also available to those who wish to reactivate* their auto ship that have been inactive for six weeks or greater and those who convert to a Preferred Customer. The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is available for 12 months from the date of the first auto ship order after enrollment, reactivation, or conversion. Free products may be earned by maintaining an active auto ship order for two or more consecutive auto ships. Every two consecutive auto ship orders purchased, they will be eligible to receive free product on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. That qualifies you for free product every 3rd monthly (every 28 days) order for the first year!  However much product you order, monthly, this is the amount you will qualify for free!  So if you buy 2 boxes of chocolate a month, then you qualify for  2 boxes of chocolate free on the 3rd month! This is what you do, simply order monthly. The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is designed to reward those members of our Healthy Chocolate Family who continue to purchase products through our Auto Ship program. <P>The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is available to newly enrolled Preferred Customers and higher who join and establish an auto ship order at the time of their enrollment. The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is also available to those who wish to reactivate* their auto ship that have been inactive for six weeks or greater and those who convert to a Preferred Customer. The Auto Ship Loyalty Program is available for 12 months from the date of the first auto ship order after enrollment, reactivation, or conversion. Free products may be earned by maintaining an active auto ship order for two or more consecutive auto ships. Every two consecutive auto ship orders purchased, they will be eligible to receive free product on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. <P>This is a great way to try out different Well Beyond Chocolate products including Remity Focus and Remity Rest & Restore.  If you have problems sleeping like I have, I highly recommend you try the Remity Rest & Restore.  This natural supplement has been helping me improve my sleep and for that I am very thankful!!  And, no worries about being stuck with the same product every month.  You can change or cancel your order at any time.  I switch my products every month depending on my needs.  We are a fan of the Xocai cocoa flavanol protein shake as well as the chocolate and the Xe Energy drink so I like to mix and match.  Once you order you will be able to access your account and make changes to any future auto ship order whenever you want.  So large order or small order, you can benefit from the Healthy Chocolate loyalty program. <P>Get started today and maximize your healthy chocolate savings. Questions on which chocolates are best for you?  Give us a call at (877) 208-8172 and we would be happy to help!<P> My personal favorites are the Xocai Power Squares–just 33 calories and packed with cocoa flavanols and antioxidants and Xobiotic a probiotic chocolate and all the cocoa flavanols you come to expect from the Healthiest Chocolate in the World.   Still not sure which to order?  Try the healthy chocolate sampler.  the Xocai Variety Pack which includes approximately a one-week supply of each of our best-selling, Healthy Chocolate products: Xoçai® Nuggets, X Power Squares™, Omega Squares™, and XoBiotic Squares™.   You can also visit our website direct at HealthyChocolateFlorida.com.

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How I lowered My Blood Sugar Without Prescription Diabetes Medication

If you have been following my blog, you know I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I was not a happy camper when I heard that news.  I have been working hard to eat right but no matter what I always seem to be on the heavy side.  I found out that most of my problem has to do with insulin resistance.  It is difficult to lose weight when you have insulin resistance.  I wish I had known this years ago because now as I am actively keeping track of my blood sugar 3-5 times daily, I seem to be slowly losing weight.

I have been on two diabetes medications and my doctor had me pretty scared that if these medications did not work I may be looking at needing insulin.  I know that it is possible to reverse diabetes so I got to work.  I am happy to say I now have dropped my blood sugar levels dramatically and I am no longer on any prescription medications.

I am happy and relieved.  I also have been able to eat some things In moderation that I thought I would have to keep out of my diet completely.  When on my prescription diabetes medication, I was having constant highs and lows of my blood sugar, going from feeling so tired I could not keep my eyes open and then earlier in the day almost passing out because my blood sugar is too low.  That is not the way to live.  After I kept having side effects, I figured I would try this and if I did not see the results I needed or if my blood sugar rose, I would immediately go back on my medication.  Well that has not happened, in fact the opposite has.  Right now my blood sugar is significantly better than it has been since my Type 2 journey started.

I will let you know what I am doing in hopes that you can find answers for yourself as well.  My concern was that I did not want diabetes to take over my life and it quickly seemed like that was going to be the case.  I was thinking no more cruises, no more going out to dinner.  No more lasagna, birthday cake or a donut ever.  I am now hopeful that by making smart choices during the day and at night, that I do have options to enjoy some of the things that I really like.

Here is how I start my day.  For over the last four years I have been having a Chocolate protein shake every morning.  It actually tastes great.  I choose the Beyond Healthy Chocolate protein shake which has 21 grams of protein, 56,000 ORACfn (the amount of antioxidants), lots of cocoa flavanols and of course this is low glycemic and diabetic friendly.  I make my shake with 1 cup unsweet almond milk and a cup of ice plus 2 scoops of the Beyond Healthy Chocolate protein shake.  There are many recipes, some with frozen banana, some with coffee and vanilla, lots of great options.  Anyway this shake keeps me full for 4 hours and it gives me energy.  This is a big deal because I have chronic fatigue and I need all the energy I can get.  I have been having this shake for breakfast well before I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.

Since the diagnosis, I have now added in Berberine 500mg capsules 3 times a day with meals and I have been eating more of the Xocai Healthy Chocolate power squares.  This Healthy Belgian chocolate is diabetic friendly, low in calories and seems to be dropping my blood sugar from 30-50 points within 30 minutes of a higher reading.  I now decided to split another protein shake with my hubby every night.  This has lowered my blood sugar not just at night but when I wake up in the morning which had been pretty darn high before.

I feel so blessed that this shake and the Xocai Belgian Chocolate power squares are helping.  I also think the berberine is helping but when I take it by itself, I am not getting the same result.  So this is what is working for me.  Thankfully this protein shake actually tastes good and I don’t mind it at all.  I even had a few extras today I would not have even considered before and yet my blood sugar is more in control and I am feeling more like myself again.

I am not saying that you should not listen to your doctor.  My doctor was comfortable with me taking this shake after she reviewed the ingredients.  She was also ok with me taking the berberine.  I think the best way to work with your doctor is to be honest.  Honestly I think the goal is the same.  She wants me healthy and diabetes in control and so do I.  And if I could lose some weight along the way that would be  even better!

I have struggled with my weight and insulin resistance for many years.  I wish I knew about the blood sugar connection before.  Right now I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  By the way, this protein shake I have been taking was featured on the cover of the “Bariatrician”, the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine along with a successful weight loss study.  In the study, the average participant lost over 31 pounds in just 12 weeks and over 5 inches around the waist.  So there are many reasons to try this shake.

So if you are struggling with your blood sugar levels, your weight or just want to feel good for a change, try out this Beyond Healthy Chocolate protein shake and the yummy Belgian Healthy Chocolates.  My favorites are the Power Squares but there are many yummy choices to pick from.  Feel free to call me direct if you have questions on what is the best option for you.  I can be reached at”

(877) 208-8172  and you can visit my website at DiabeticFriendlyChocolate.com.


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Chronic Headaches, Migraines And Chocolate: Can You Eat Chocolate Or Not?

Many individuals who suffer with chronic migraines have been told that chocolate may be a trigger for headaches and therefore all chocolate should be avoided.  As a chronic migraine sufferer myself, I learned that it is not necessarily the chocolate that is at issue, but perhaps the waxes, fillers and processed sugars that are in candy chocolate and how the chocolate is processed that may be the culprit. This makes sense then that some individuals will experience problems with certain chocolate candy bars and not others.  Of course the only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself.

Thankfully I found a pure chocolate product called Xocai Beyond Healthy Chocolate over 7 years ago and it has not triggered any migraines or chronic headaches for me.  Some individuals are even saying this “Beyond Healthy Chocolate” has prevented their headaches or lessened how many they have in a month.  For those that suffer with chronic migraines, any reduction in headache days is a big plus.  Check out the video below at the last Beyond Healthy Chocolate event in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This testimonial is about how Xocai Beyond Healthy Chocolate was able to relieve chronic headache and migraine days per month.  This is huge.

Listen for yourself;

We are Three Sons Marketing LLC.  We can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or visit our website at:


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Lost In The Diabetes Maze: Here Is What I Learned As A Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic



A recent visit to a new primary care doctor revealed something I did not want to know.  My doctor officially diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes.  To say I was sad and frustrated was an understatement.  Yes I have been heavy most of my life but I don’t drink soda, eat candy, Don’t drink, don’t smoke, cut out almost all processed foods, artificial sweeteners and have been eating a healthy diet for the last seven years, so I really wanted to know what was I doing wrong?  Turns out I really was not doing anything wrong.  In fact, some of the things I had been doing were quite right.  You see over seven years ago I started eating something called Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  It is an unheated chocolate that keeps in the cocoa flavanols and antioxidants that are found in the raw cacao which pure chocolate is made from.  This wonderfully delicious (THANK YOU GOD!) chocolate has no waxes, fillers or processed sugars and is diabetic friendly, gluten free, vegetarian and low in calories.  Anyway I would go for my annual physical and doc would order blood work.  My blood sugar was always perfect, non-fasting.  My A1C was fine.  All was good.  Fast forward til I turn 52 and doc orders fasting blood work and all is haywire.  Not so good.  Apparently I can’t control my blood sugar while I am sleeping cause I am not eating healthy chocolate.  (LOL)

So the last few months have been an experiment of sorts.  I have been pricking my finger 5-6 times a day to try to figure out when my blood sugar is good, not good, too low, too high or if I am having a postprandial spike after a large meal.  This is not fun.  If you are a diabetic you know all to well how NOT fun this is.  I have my One Touch Verio which is how I have been testing my blood sugar.  Except for the pain of the prick so to speak, I do like knowing what is going on with my body.  I even found out that these spikes in blood sugar might have something to do with having difficulty losing weight.

I am a good patient, within reason I listen to my doctor.  So when my doc scared me about diabetes, I took it seriously.  I don’t want to be taking insulin or worrying about amputations if there is something I can do to help correct the situation.  So doc puts me on 1000 mg of Metformin and I start taking it religiously.  Of course this is now causing me to have low blood sugar and then high blood sugar and even more fatigue than I have had in the past.  It seems I am spending every waking hour dealing with diabetes.  Not cool. So I take this for a month, go back to the doc after getting blood work done and she is not happy.  She says this is not working for me and it even seems my blood sugar is higher than doing nothing.  Disappointed to say the least.  So now I am put on Invokamet XR, which is a combination of Metformin and Canagliflozin.  It takes a little bit for my health insurance to cover this medication so my doc gives me a sample for a lower dose to try.  I start taking it immediately, obviously concerned that now my blood sugar is really out of control.  Doc even mentions insulin as a possibility if we don’t get this under control.  I am discouraged but not about to give in so I believe that Invokamet XR is going to help.  Blood sugar is a little better and I am hopeful.  I start exercising every night after dinner at the Planet Fitness health club and that helps.  Doc had mentioned that exercise could eat up excess glucose.  It reminded be of playing the video game pac-man back in the day, with the little pac-man eating up all the glucose.  Anyway so I get serious about that and exercise pretty much every night after dinner.  As long as I do, no huge spike after dinner.

Finally prescription is ready at the pharmacy and this is for a higher dose.  I take it the first day and my blood sugar is much higher?  What!!??  So I go back to the samples at the lower dose and things are a little better again.  When I run out of the samples, I go back to the higher dose and same thing happens.  Weird.  So now I am starting to wonder about all of this.  I found many studies about a supplement called Berberine that is supposed to work as well as Metformin so I order it.  My doc gives me the okay to take it so I take  500 mg 3 times a day with meals.   As a serious Beyond Healthy Chocolate fan, I know that eating Xocai chocolates has been known to lower blood sugar for friends of mine who are diabetic and I trust, so I incorporate Xocai Power Squares into my so called experiment.

Since my blood sugar keeps rising on the higher dose of Invokamet XR and I am having horrible side effects which I really don’t want to talk about, I stop it and only take Berberine with every meal and up to 5 Xocai Power Squares a day.  I have been on a Xocai Healthy Chocolate protein shake for over 4 years, so I continue to have that for breakfast every morning.  (thankfully low glycemic)

I have no clue if I am going to have to immediately go back on the prescription medication because now my blood sugar will be even higher, but I decide I will give it a day and see.  So I take the Lean Nutraceuticals Berberine 3 times a day, I take a Xocai Power Square before lunch and dinner and after and another one before bed.  

This is crazy but my blood sugar is the best it has been since all of the medications I have been on for diabetes to date.  I am not saying it is completely in control yet, as I feel I may need to tweak when I eat my Beyond Healthy Power Squares and possibly another dose of Berberine if I have a snack at night.  I even stopped having to exercise like crazy every night.  I am still exercising, just does not have to be without fail every night.  My trusty One Touch Verio keeps telling me I am in range when I do my blood sugar test.  The last 16 out of 18 tests have been within range.  So I am thinking this is good.

I am certainly not telling you not to listen to your doctor, and not to take prescription medications if they are helping.  Clearly in my case they were not helping.  I assumed that the prescriptions would be the best option for me, but it does not look that way.  I will continue to follow up with my doctor, but in the mean time I will be taking my Berberine supplement and my Xocai Power Squares.

Honestly the Berberine supplement was cheaper to buy on Amazon and I had free shipping with Amazon Prime.  One box of the Xocai power squares is enough to last you a month eating as many as I took during this test.  I figure the Healthy Belgian chocolate tastes great and the Berberine had less side effects than the prescriptions I was prescribed so what can it hurt to try.  I will say you have to be willing to check your blood sugar to see what is going on with you.  I noticed a 50 point drop when my blood sugar was high after a heavy meal , 30 minutes after taking a Xocai 33 calorie power square.  That was amazing.  The other time my blood sugar was high recently, but not as high, I had a 30 point drop after taking a Xocai power square. (Taken 30 minutes after the power square)

I have known for years that Jeanette Brooks, the founder of Xocai Beyond Healthy Chocolate had controlled her diabetes and lost weight because of this healthy chocolate but I had never personally had to deal with it.  It is amazing how things change and how much they matter when you are in the midst of your own health crisis.  All I can say is if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic or have a friend or family member who is, share this post with them and maybe order them some Xocai Healthy Chocolates.  You will see there are many kinds of Xocai Chocolates.  It is key NOT to buy the chocolate in the stores, even chocolate bars with a high percentage of cocoa are heated and dutched to get rid of the bitterness–which unfortunately is what is good for you.  So it is important to use pure chocolate that is not heated.  This healthy chocolate is made with a patented process so don’t take chances with your health.  I choose the Power Square because it is smaller, only 33 calories and you get more in a box.  This is ideal if you need up to 5 a day.  I noticed that I vary between 3-5 a day so having the flexibility to eat more when I am having a spike is vital.  The really great thing is that Xocai Beyond Healthy Chocolate has an automatic order program and for the first year, you can get free product every 3rd month for the first year.  This means if you order a box of Power Squares every month, after three months you can get another box of Power Squares or another product free!  This will give you extra chocolates for the days you need them.  Now that is a deal.

Order your Xocai Power Squares here.

I will be updating my blog with my newbie diabetes story and what is going on.  I am just so thrilled that I am now controlling my blood sugar with delicious healthy belgian chocolate, a little bit of exercise and Berberine.  I found there were many Berberine supplements.  I researched them and felt Lean Nutraceuticals Berberine was the best for me.  Seems to be helping and cheaper than my co-pay for the Invokamet XR.

If you are struggling too, please comment below and let me know how you are doing.  I do care!  Visit my site at DiabeticFriendlyChocolate.com if you want more details on the healthy chocolates or call me at (877) 208-8172.






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Xocai Beyond Dark Healthy Chocolate Fibromyalgia Testimonial Review

It is interesting to me that delicious chocolate can lower inflammation.




Of course I am referring to “Healthy Chocolate“, an unheated cold pressed chocolate that keeps in the antioxidants and cocoa flavanols from raw cacao which is what chocolate is made from.  It is key to eat Pure Healthy Chocolate.  This is not the chocolate that you find in your local store or even most health food stores.

I am very thankful that I was able to learn about this healthy chocolate over seven years ago.  Eating just thee pieces of healthy chocolate, spaced out morning, mid day and evening can be beneficial.  I have suffered with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over 15 years.  At one point in time, I was on up to 13 prescription medications and still was struggling to have any quality of life at all.  When I found this Xocai Healthy Chocolate, I was able to slowly get off most of my medications.  I don’t know what you pay for your prescription co-pays through my health inurance, but I used to pay over $500 a month just in co-pays.  Thankfully I pay much much less eating Xocai Beyond Chocolate products.  Recent research is starting to confirm the benefits I received eating healthy chocolate.  In the article “Fibromyalgia and Chocolate: What New Research Says About Health Benefits”,  says  “Add healthy chocolate to your superfood list.”  The article goes on to share “Why is all of this chocolate news good for those dealing with fibromyalgia? I don’t need to tell you that three hallmark symptoms of fibromyalgia include whole body inflammation, poor digestive health, and cognitive dysfunction. If healthy, dark chocolate can help with all of these symptoms — and more – why not give it a try.  Of course – as with all nutrients – quality matters. Dark, antioxidant-rich, chocolate that is minimally processed is best. Raw and unprocessed is even better.”

My favorite products that have helped me with my symptoms include starting each day with a Xocai Beyond Healthy Chocolate Protein shake.  Each serving is over 56,000 ORACfn which is much more than most people will get in a day and maybe even a week.  Mom and Grandma were right when they said you should eat your fruits and vegetables.  Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables but it is difficult to eat enough of them every day.  More and more studies about cocoa flavanols are making the news almost daily.  Cocoa flavanol research is very exciting.

My next favorite product is the Xocai Beyond Xobiotic chocolates.  These are creamy and delicious and include a probiotic.  Also made with Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  Try them out today.  Get your chocolate craving and get the benefits of antioxidants and cocoa flavanols.

Contact Three Sons Marketing LLC at (877) 208-8172 with any questions or visit

HealthyChocolateFix.com to order the healthiest chocolate in the world. #Wellbeyond #beyondchocolate #beyondhealthychocolate #xocai


Fibromyalgia and Chocolate: What New Research Says About Health Benefits; http://www.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=25517

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Testimony On Health Benefits Of Healthy Chocolate After TMI Traumatic Brain Injury Stroke & Heart Attack

There are so many reasons to eat Dark Healthy Chocolate.



First off Healthy Chocolate tastes amazing.  Secondly this unheated chocolate is full of cocoa flavanols and antioxidants that are important for health.  It would be near impossible to eat the quantity of Cocoa Flavanols and Antioxidants found in just 3 small Power Squares.  It is amazes me that these Beyond Healthy Chocolate Power Squares are just 33 calories each, taste fantastic and pack a powerful antioxidant and flavonoid punch.

The video below was live at a recent Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company regional event in Colorado Springs, Colorado this past May 2017.  Hear firsthand the benefits experienced after eating this healthy chocolate.  I am not a doctor, I don’t even play one on tv however the personal benefits to my health and to my families health have convinced me to eat Xocai Beyond Healthy Chocolates for the last 7 years.  There is no way on this planet that I would ever skip these healthy chocolate products.  The candy bars in the stores or even the raw vegan 70% chocolate bars in the health food stores just don’t cut it.  This Xocai chocolate uses a patented method that does not heat the chocolate, keeping in the antioxidants and flavanols from the raw cacao from which chocolate is made.

See for yourself what it is like to eat Pure Healthy Chocolate.  There is no substitute.  Listen in and then order for yourself today!


We are Three Sons Marketing LLC of Southwest Florida.  We share Beyond Healthy Chocolate all over Florida and the world.

Order direct at HealthyChocolateFix.com or call us at (877) 208-8172.  

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Exciting Future Ahead For Healthy Chocolate Company As Well-Beyond LLC Takes Over Xocai Healthy Chocolate Business

Well-Beyond acquires Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company!

This is exciting news for customers, distributors and Healthy Chocolate lovers world-wide. The press release dated May 15th, 2017 states “Well Beyond, LLC., led by Founder/CEO and Master Distributor Jeremy Reynolds, CFO Porter Hall, COO Stephen Hall, and CPO Jeff Graham announced today that it has completed an asset acquisition of Well Beyond Corp DBA Xocai, The Healthy Chocolate Company, a respected wellness company in the direct selling industry owned by Jeanette, Martin, and Andrew Brooks.”

As a long time consumer and curator of Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company products, I look forward to the direction and leadership of Well-Beyond LLC.  For business owners like myself, I see great potential in what the future holds.  Xocai Healthy Chocolate has been a wonderful product line for my family in the last seven years.  The personal benefits alone for my family have been huge including the benefits for our adult autistic son, my personal health struggles with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as my husbands issues with gastroparesis for which there is no pharmaceutical or medical cure.  We know without a doubt that these healthy chocolate products have been a blessing to our family.  We look forward to the opportunity to share these amazing products with the world.

It is an exciting time for someone looking to start a business from home where they can truly make a difference and a profit.  Watch for news of the pre-launch coming soon.  Awesome opportunity for existing distributors with Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company as well as new business owners joining us today.  Most important of course are our customers who enjoy the benefits and the taste of our products.  Also excited about the new Remity Line which includes Remity Focus and Remity  Rest + Restore.  I have personally been taking these products for less than a week and am already seeing the benefits so much so that I am ordering for my adult kids now in addition to my husband and I.

“I am honored to carry on the legacy of Healthy Chocolate and to work with a proven executive team, employees, independent distributors, key alliances, and product providers to deliver a customer-centric wellness experience beyond our customers’ expectation”, said Jeremy Reynolds.

“I’ve always been a product and people person in this industry, so I am extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished as a family over the pas t decade as we’ve launched over a dozen category-creating products in countries worldwide,” stated Jeanette Brooks, Founder & CEO of The Healthy Chocolate Co. “Our Family is confident that Jeremy [Reynolds] and his experienced executive team at Well Beyond will continue our vision of sharing health and wealth through cacao-based products.”

I have had the opportunity many times over the years to meet with and talk to Jeremy Reynolds, Founder & CEO of Well-Beyond.  I can’t think of a better person to take our Healthy Chocolate Products to infinity and beyond.  I am excited for what the future holds.  If you have not yet tried the Beyond amazing Chocolate, I respectfully request that you order some today.  For my family it has been a life-changer.

Contact Lynette & Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC with questions at (877) 208-8172  or visit our website directly at HealthyChocolateFlorida.com.

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Beyond Chocolate: Are You Looking To Clear Up The Fog And Fire Up Your Brain? Try This Powerful Nootropic, Remity FOCUS

I am 52 years old.  I have had my share of health issues including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and severe migraines for years.  I heard about the new product Remity FOCUS and I was very excited it arrived! I have been waiting to try Remity Focus to start clearing the fog, and fire up my brain.  According to the packaging it says “Formulated to keep you feeling relaxed, focused, and sharp, this advanced remedy conditions your mind to operate at peak performance.”

Right now you can order with free shipping or  a special buy 2, get 1 free deal. Just order as a new preferred customer, enter 2 items and corporate will send you an additional product.  Sale goes on through June 8th, 2017.

I ordered a set for my hubby and for me.  I just finished day 2 and by the second day I was already noticing my brain seemed clearer.  Those who suffer with fibromyalgia may understand the fibro fog I would normally feel.

I ordered two sets. (Each includes both focus and rest & restore) One for hubby and one for me. Hiding these as our adult kids want them too! Time to order more while they are on sale!

Hurry and order yours HERE!


Formulated to keep you feeling relaxed, focused, and sharp, this advanced remedy conditions your mind to operate at peak performance. Featuring a beneficial blend of brain and mood-boosting ingredients, Focus promotes an ideal mental state to sharpen memory, mental speed, and concentration. This powerful nootropic—a supplement that improves cognitive function—also helps reduce mental fatigue. Enhance learning with Focus and give your body a healthy mental advantage.*

• Supports cognitive performance and productivity*
• Promotes focus and alertness*
• Boosts memory and recall*

Key Ingredients

• L-Theanine—A natural amino acid found commonly in green tea, L-theanine is generally used to support mood and relaxation.*

• Caffeine (natural, from coffee beans)—One of the most studied of all dietary supplements, caffeine has been shown to be effective (especially when combined with L-theanine at Remity’s proprietary level) at increasing physical alertness and energy, as well as promoting mental focus and stamina.*

• Beta-Alanine—A naturally occurring amino acid, betaalanine has been shown to support certain physical performance.*

• DL-Phenylalanine—A mood-boosting amino acid, DLphenylalanine supports brain function.*

• DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol)—An amino acid compound, DMAE supports mental vigilance and alertness, as well as overall mood.*

• Huperzine A 1%—A phytochemical extracted from the Chinese herb Huperzia serrata, huperzine A supports mental function.*



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Thankful for Those That Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice; Remember them this Memorial Day

“And they who for their country die shall fill an honored grave, for glory lights the soldier’s tomb, and beauty weeps the brave.”
– Joseph Rodman Drake



Today we are thankful for the sacrifice made by soldier’s who never made it home. including my Grandpa.  For without them, we would not have our freedom.


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Have You Tried Xocai Healthy Chocolate Beyond Love Bites For Passion And A Zest For Life? Oh MY!

These Healthy Chocolate Love Bites are Heavenly!

The first time I tried Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company Love Bites, I was in heaven.  I mean this is the PERFECT LOVE FOOD!  

Excitement, Passion, Happiness!  It can all be yours!

These heart shaped healthy chocolates made with Maca, L-Arginine and cold pressed unheated healthy chocolate tastes amazing!  I just love to have these every single day.  It sure helps that these are rich in cocoa flavanols and antioxidants.  No guilt at all!  Low in calories, diabetic friendly, gluten free and vegetarian.

My personal experience has been a near immediate improvement with my mood everytime I have this Xo Love Bite Chocolate.  If I was having a rough day, or just not feeling up to my normal self, this was my go to chocolate.  I honestly felt it was a mood enhancer for me.  I recently heard a testimony of a gal who had been diagnosed with depression since 2011.  She has been eating the Healthy Chocolate Well Beyond Love Bites and was able to get off her depression medicine.  I was shocked but not surprised because of the benefits I noticed.  Now this Healthy Chocolate also may increase passion in the bedroom so make sure you grab some love bites for yourself and your spouse!!!!

Check out the video and here for yourself her story about depression and Xocai Healthy Chocolate.


Hurry and order your Healthy Chocolate Beyond Love Bites TODAY!  Give yourself 60 days to see how you feel on the product.  Make sure you enjoy a Love Bite every morning and night for the best benefit.

Order Direct at HealthyChocolateFix.com


or call us at

(877) 208-8172.




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