What Is The Punta Gorda Healthy Chocolate Story?

SW Florida Passive Income Brunswick Laboratories, the leaders in antioxidant testing, have been very busy measuring ORAC values of XO healthy chocolate. Well Beyond, makers of XO, sent samples of the new 2010 formulations of each of their products. That’s right; XO has made their antioxidant dark chocolate even healthier.

Well Beyond has been posting graphs showing the results as they have become available. You can see The Whole Story on our corporate website. Check out the results for for Activ in the picture above.

What does this mean to a Punta Gorda dark chocolate aficionado? Or a Port Charlotte chocoholic? A Punta Gorda hot cocoa connoisseur? How about a North Port chocolate cookie monster?

It means that if you replace your unhealthy chocolate with XO cold pressed dark  antioxidant chocolate, you will feel better, physically and mentally. XO carries a product for every type of SW Florida chocolate junkie.

ChocopiecesIf you are not sure which one you will like best, you may want to order XO’s ‘Best Sellers’ Variety Pack. It contains Nuggets, X Powersquares, Omega Squares and XoBiotic Squares.

Are you craving chocolate yet? Call me at 941-216-5727 or email me at [email protected]. I can hook you up with the most delicious health chocolate you have ever tasted!



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What is A High CRP Level And Why Does It Matter in Punta Gorda?

SW Florida Health Chocolate Hi, I am Punta Gorda XO blogger Lynette Henk. Today’s post explores the link between CRP levels, inflammation and heart disease. What is CRP? CRP is a measure of C-reactive protein in the blood. You can get your CRP tested when you get your cholesterol measured. A high level of CRP tells you that inflammation is present in your body.

The health dangers of inflammation are well established. If your blood vessels are inflamed, you may be at risk for heart disease. A high CRP level can occur even if no other heart disease risk factors are present. The Mayo Clinic has an article on this if you want to read more.

What does this have to do with XO health chocolate?

Antioxidants lower CRP levels, thereby reducing inflammation. The main ingredient in XO healthy chocolate is cacao. Cacao is the #1 Antioxidant Food.

The National Institute of Aging conducted a study in 2004 which found a link between antioxidant supplements and lower CRP levels. According to the researchers: “taking an antioxidant supplement was associated with CRP levels similar to those seen in those who exercised 180 minutes/week or more and did not take supplements.

I am certainly not recommending that you stop exercising. I just wanted to point out that the NIA study showed just how effective antioxidant supplements are in reducing CRP levels even in people who do not exercise. Obviously, the best combination for heart health is antioxidant consumption coupled with regular exercise.

How do I get my antioxidants? XO healthy chocolate, of course! Of all the antioxidant-rich foods available in SW Florida, XO dark chocolate is the most delicious and satisfying.

I share XO with people in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and North Port. If you come to one of my XO reviews you can sample XO products while learning about chocolate health benefits. Call me anytime at 941-216-5727, email me at [email protected] or visit LiveForChocolate.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Prosper With Well Beyond In Punta Gorda!

Well Beyond and the XO Chocolate Story for Punta Gorda are featured in Prosper Magazine this January. Watch this quick video to learn more:

Prosper Magazine is a nationally distributed magazine focusing on home based business solutions, including the Punta Gorda Well Beyond home business opportunity.

The upcoming issue of Prosper Magazine is dedicated exclusively to Well Beyond and XO Chocolate! This issue will be available in book stores and news stands beginning in January 2011 including Borders, Indigo Books and Music, and Barnes & Noble.

Prosper is affirming third-party validation that the XO business opportunity is one of the hottest home business opportunities in the Punta Gorda market; selling healthy chocolate to millions of snack enthusiasts who are growing more concerned with health and wellness.

The article in Prosper Magazine features a review of XO’s healthy chocolate products and introduces over 20 successful XO Associates who have built thriving businesses from places just like Punta Gorda all over the world.

One of the featured products in the Prosper article is the new XO X Protein Meal Replacement Shake. I have recently introduced this to the local Punta Gorda area, and to customers around the globe. This product has just hit our Punta Gorda market and has really captured a lot of attention as a healthy weight loss supplement that tastes great and is good for you. The introduction includes the results of a study conducted with 50 people who lost a combined 1516 pounds averaging 33 pounds per person while they used the XO X Protein shake. This is incredible!

As a special bonus, this issue of Prosper Magazine will include a Harness the Power DVD with an overview of the Well Beyond business opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about the Well Beyond healthy chocolate home business opportunity, or want to know more about our XO healthy chocolate products, please give me a call; I’ll be happy to give you a preview of the great news in the Prosper article as well as tell you how you can take advantage of the upcoming issue to build your own XO chocolate business before word hits the streets!

Call me at 941-216-5727.


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Own Your Business In Punta Gorda

Are you tired of waiting for good things to happen to you? Like the perfect SW Florida career opportunity?

Why don’t you go out and make good things happen for yourself? With XO Healthy Chocolate, you can quickly build a lucrative Punta Gorda business selling a recession-proof product. Your hard work combined with XO’s unique category-creating healthy chocolate is your recipe for prosperity in the SW Florida area.

With XO weight-loss chocolate, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you start up your own business. (And come to think about it, chocolate is as essential as the wheel–isn’t it?) Ambitious people from all walks of life are creating wealth around the world as well as here in Punta Gorda and North Port with XO antioxidant chocolate.

This short video tells you more about the XO opportunity and the key elements that guarantee your success: a proprietary product line, sound science, perfect timing, the right management team and a generous compensation plan.

The first step on your path to prosperity in Punta Gorda is calling 941-216-5727 or contacting me at http://liveforchocolate.com. I am entrepreneur Lynette Henk. XO dark chocolate (sometimes referred to as New York Times chocolate) is changing my life.

I no longer worry about the global recession because I created my own economic stimulus with XO antioxidant chocolate. New Florida millionaires are being created everyday. You could be next!

Join us tonight at Kings Gate Golf Club, 24000 Rampart Blvd., Port Charlotte, Fl from 6-8pm.  Industry leaders will be there to share the opportunity as well as local physicians.  Print out this post and you will receive samples of chocolate at the conclusion of the meeting.  Bring a friend, and receive a $25 restaurant.com gift card good at many restaurants in the area.  Simply call 941-216-5727 and leave your name to register so your gift card will be waiting for you when you arrive.  Hope to see you there?  Not local?  No problem.  Contact us and we would be happy to help you get started on an amazing and lucrative journey.

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SW Florida MLM Success?

Punta Gorda MLM Secrets How do you feel about North Port MLMs? Does the term ‘direct marketing’ conjure up images of SW Florida friends pestering you to buy soap?

Perhaps you have a positive view of Punta Gorda MLMs. Maybe you know several Punta Gorda direct marketers who are making a lucrative income selling quality products.

I am entrepreneur Lynette Henk of Punta Gorda. Many of the Port Charlotte business owners in my XO business initially had a neutral or negative opinion of SW Florida network marketing companies. Why did they change their mind and join the North Port healthy chocolate revolution?

They learned the truth about the XO antioxidant chocolate opportunity:

  • XO dark chocolate enhances health and there is scientific evidence to prove it
  • Well Beyond corp has exclusive rights to its cold-press technology. In a nutshell – XO has No Competition.
  • The XO passive income opportunity is legitimate. XO publishes the compensation plan right on their website. Visit www.mxicorp.com and compare the XO earnings structure to any other plan in the industry.
  • Americans eat, on average, twelve pounds of chocolate a year! (You can eat twelve pounds of XO chocolate yearly and improve your health.) You do not need to ‘discover’ a new market – it’s already there.
  • Media reports on the health benefits of chocolate are increasing continually. What does that mean for Punta Gorda XO promoters? Free favorable publicity!

      If you have never jumped into the MLM waters, now is the time. You can contact me at 941-216-5727 or [email protected] I would love to share my XO success story with you.

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Xocai News from Punta Gorda On Jeanette Brooks

SW Florida Jeanette Brooks Founder Jeanette Brooks, Founder and President of Well Beyond Corp, and her family of entrepreneurs have turned their passion for chocolate into chocolate dreams with their development of XO, the healthy dark chocolate. XO is an High Antioxidant Company with High Antioxidant Products. The common threads woven throughout all of XO’s products are: High antioxidant quantity, raw, unprocessed cacao and unique flavors (that prevent flavor fatigue).

Jeanette’s chocolate dreams are best experienced in two ways—first by health conscious choco-holics who want chocolate no matter what, and secondly, through Well Beyond Corp, her direct selling company that offers a business opportunity to those who want to market the healthy antioxidant line of dark chocolates.

Some 18 years ago, Jeanette was diagnosed with diabetes which motivated her search for ways to lower her weight and improve her health without sacrificing taste in the products she loves. This led the family which includes her husband, Martin and her son, Andrew (http://www.mxicorp.com/founders), into their first healthy, low-carbohydrates venture with a company called Pure De-lite. At that time, Dr. Robert Atkins’ low-carbohydrate diet was all the rage. Jeanette saw the need for a good tasting low-carb chocolate bar.

“The Brooks family did their research, from the highest-antioxidant cacao bean grown in the Ivory Coast to the best chocolate manufacturer in Belgium. Their research culminated in bringing dark chocolate to the retail market, as Pure De-lite, at a time when it was little known. With their product in hand, Jeanette put her marketing savvy to work, and in a short time, they had built their low-carb business to $300 million in retail sales. Many retailers sold their low-carb chocolate bars, including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, GNC, and CVS to name a few.”
-Adam Green, Founding Executive (http://www.AdamPaulGreen.com )

When Dr. Atkins passed away the low carb industry quickly vanished. However, America’s desire for healthy dark chocolate was growing. In fact, according to recent statistics nine out of ten people love chocolate and crave it every day. The average American eats 12 pounds of chocolate every year. Additionally, many doctors are also promoting the health benefits of a raw, dark, unprocessed chocolate.

Once again, after seeing the continuing need/desire for a unique chocolate, the Brooks family conducted further research into healthy dark chocolate products and created XO, the healthy dark chocolate product line which they chose to distribute through network marketing.

“We had a dream of taking healthy chocolate worldwide and the best way to do that was through the people.”
-Jeanette Brooks, Founder and President of Well Beyond Corp

Chocolate lovers can now simply replace the bad chocolate with the good chocolate. The Brooks family established Well Beyond Corp over four years ago in Reno, Nevada to provide healthy chocolate products and a promising business opportunity for their business partners. Jeanette’s motto is, “From cacao beans to chocolate dreams.”

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The Answer Is Xocai

SW Florida Low Start-Up Business Welcome to the Power Team chocolate blog! I am entrepreneur Lynette Henk. My XO team is growing steadily as the healthy chocolate revolution gains steam in the SW Florida area.

I started sharing XO antioxidant chocolate in May 2010. Since then, my mental and physical health has improved along with my income. You can read more about me at http://liveforchocolate.com.

Why is my weight-loss chocolate business growing? It’s simple – health and prosperity. Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda people are beginning to realize that they cannot eliminate chocolate from their diet. The chocolate lovers I speak with are passionate about their love affair with chocolate. As XO founder Jeanette Brooks often explains, “When you are depressed, you want chocolate, when you are happy, you want chocolate . . .”

Clearly, chocolate is very important to most North Port people. However, people who have been eating unhealthy chocolate regularly for years are worried about the saturated fats and refined sugar in conventional chocolate. When these people learn about XO healthy chocolate, they realize that it is THE ANSWER. XO chocolate fills two essential needs – a commitment to a healthier diet and ultimate chocolate satisfaction. For many SW Florida chocoholics, this is enough.

However, some of the Punta Gorda people who attend my Punta Gorda healthy dark chocolate meetings join XO and start their own direct marketing business.

It’s easy to understand why XO is thriving. Healthy chocolate is ‘recession-proof’. (Remember, XO created the healthy chocolate category.) When the economy tanks, Port Charlotte people give up cable TV, vacations, eating out and new clothes. But they don’t give up chocolate. A daily chocolate escape helps Punta Gorda people get through hard times.

If you would like to learn more about the XO opportunity, call me today at 941-216-5727.

Create health & wealth with XO healthy chocolate products.

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Billion Dollar Chocolate For SW Florida?

SW Florida Weight Loss Chocolate Many people in SW FLorida are considering starting their own home-based business. If you are in the process of researching your options, I urge you to consider becoming an independent XO healthy chocolate promoter.

I am Lynette Henk, and I share XO health chocolate in SW Florida and the surrounding communities. It doesn’t matter if you live in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, or North Port; XO is a hot seller all over the world.

Perhaps you are not a die-hard Punta Gorda chocolate lover. What about your Port Charlotte friends and North Port colleagues? How many of them eat chocolate regularly? When you grocery shop at your local SW Florida market, do you ever visit the candy aisle? Have you noticed the amount of space devoted to chocolate? What about the limited display area at the checkout counter? How many different brands of chocolate are sold in that coveted retail space? By 2011, the US chocolate market is expected to reach $18 billion. (Yes, that is a ‘b’!)

If you are a chocolate lover, answer this question: Do you stop buying chocolate during times of economic hardship? If you do, you are in the minority. Market research shows that chocolate demand is ‘recession-proof.’ Somehow, chocolate addicts find a way to satisfy their chocolate needs even when money is tight.

Can I point out another billion dollar market that is exploding in SW Florida? You probably guessed that it is the health and wellness industry. The beautiful thing about XO antioxidant chocolate is that it fits into both categories: the chocolate and wellness industries. XO is healthy dark chocolate for both chocolate lovers and health supplement consumers. If you are unfamiliar with the nutrients contained in XO dark chocolate, see my XO website.

If you would like to review XO weight loss chocolate, you are welcome to join us at the Grand Opening Celebration for XO Healthy Chocolate on Friday, 11/19  from 6-8pm & Saturday, 11/20 from 12-1pm.   Location is: Kings Gate Golf Club, 24000 Rampart Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL.  Print out this post and you will receive free chocolate at the meeting.  If you bring a friend, you will receive a FREE restaurant gift card.  Call me today to register at  941-216-5727.

Create health & wealth with XO healthy chocolate products.

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Marie Osmond On Why She Loves Xocai Healthy Chocolates

Punta Gorda Weight Loss Chocolate Because Xocai healthy chocolate is quickly gaining popularity in Punta Gorda, many wanna-be healthy dark chocolate products are popping up. (This is yet another example of the fact that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.) Some of the healthy chocolate companies trying to get in on the action tout ‘high cocoa content’.

So what’s the deal with ‘high cocoa content‘? First off, high cocoa content does not necessarily guarantee a healthy SW Florida chocolate product. If that product also contains a considerable amount of saturated fats, refined sugar, wax, and preservatives, ‘high cocoa content’ can mean very little; you have to know your chocolate.

Secondly, the cocoa powder used in virtually all chocolate products sold in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and North Port has been stripped of its original nutrients. Remember, XO antioxidant chocolate is processed with a patented cold-press method that retains the nutrients in the manufacturing process. There is no weight-loss chocolate like Xocai because Healthy Chocolate Co. has a patent on the cold-press method.

“Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of healthy, dark chocolate. Of course, it’s crucial that any chocolate be processed properly to maintain its nutrient and antioxidant content. The good news is that XO healthy chocolate products provide just that.”
-Dr. Steven Warren

Xocai recently received an enthusiastic endorsement from Marie Osmond who happens to eat Xocai chocolate daily. Would you like Marie promoting your business? I’m Lynette Henk, entrepreneur in Punta Gorda. Visit ColdPressedChocolate.com, contact me at 941-216-5727 or [email protected] to start a profitable antioxidant chocolate business in Punta Gorda and the surrounding areas.


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