Xocai Dark Chocolate is a Brain Food

Punta Gorda XO Scam SW Florida seniors with high blood pressure should be aware that hypertension may contribute to diminishing mental function in Florida elderly.

The following is from Psychology Today:

“A number of vegetable-based foods—among them tea, purple grapes, cranberries, as well as cocoa—are rich in antioxidants. But chocolate has its own unique profile of flavanols. German scientists recently found that cocoa—but not green or black tea—lowers blood pressure in people being treated for hypertension. Even moderate degrees of high blood pressure, researchers believe, are at the root of the cognitive decline seen in aging.”

Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte chocoholics know that XO weight-loss chocolate with acai berries is good for their soul. Now they can feel good about the fact that it is also good for their brain.

Punta Gorda XO healthy chocolate is a no-brainer.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that New York Times Chocolate is a billion-dollar industry that generates steady profit in Punta Gorda, Florida and all around the SW Florida area. In addition, XO antioxidant chocolate also taps into the lucrative and fast-growing Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda health and wellness market! Talk about a perfect combination for SW Florida entrepreneurs who want to apply their intelligence and creativity to create a stable financial future for themselves and their Punta Gorda families.

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Xocai Chocolate for IBS In SW Florida

Punta Gorda Probiotics for Lactose Intolerant People in Punta Gorda may be amazed, but it’s true that our gastrointestinal tract is home to hundreds of different types of bacteria, each of which is constantly trying to divide and conquer.

The ‘good’ bacteria help us absorb nutrients from the food we eat. The ‘bad’ bacteria trigger a variety of intestinal miseries like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, heartburn, stomach ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

IBS is a common ailment among Port Charlotte women and men and a leading cause of workplace absenteeism.

Bacterial imbalances in SW Florida adults are also linked to conditions such as allergies, depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic yeast infections.

Probiotics are the key to a healthy GI tract for Punta Gorda people concerned about intestinal health. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that are able to survive the stomach acids and bile salts on their way to the intestines where they can grow and devour the ‘bad’ bacteria. There are relatively few foods that can successfully deliver probiotics to the intestines; aged cheeses, live-culture yogurt, kefir (a beverage consisting of fermented milk and kefir grains), and miso are some of them.

Well Beyond Corp, producers of Punta Gorda XO chocolate have developed the most effective probiotic delivery system; XO healthy chocolate. An 11 gram XO XoBiotic Square delivers one billion friendly microorganisms to the GI tract.

XO XoBiotic Squares are one of the only probiotic foods that can be eaten by Punta Gorda people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Many Port Charlotte people who have started eating XO XoBiotic Squares not only have noticed improvement in their digestion, they feel more energetic and seem to be more resistant to catching colds.

I am Punta Gorda XO promoter Lynette Henk. If you are suffering from health problems that have eluded diagnosis and successful treatment, I suggest you try XO XoBiotic Squares. XO XoBiotic Squares the most delicious way to maintain GI health. To order XO XoBiotic Squares or any other XO antioxidant chocolate product, call 941-216-5727.

Create health & wealth with XO healthy chocolate products.!

Lynette Henk

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What Makes You Happy?

Punta Gorda Healthy Chocolate What makes you happy?

One of my Punta Gorda neighbors says ‘my family‘. My closest friend predictably said “friends“. A North Port business associate insists ‘money‘. Almost everyone I know says ‘chocolate‘ never fails to bring a smile to their face. A friend who lives in SW Florida answered ‘love‘. A Punta Gorda Facebook friend believes that happiness is not possible without freedom. A Punta Gorda humanitarian says that he always feels better when he is helping people.

I am entrepreneur Lynette Henk of Punta Gorda, Florida. Working as an independent SW Florida XO promoter makes me very happy. And guess what? The reasons are the same! The flexibility of owning a network marketing business gives me the freedom to spend time with those I love – my family and friends. I enjoy helping people improve their health and make money by sharing XO. And, of course, I love eating XO healthy chocolate!

There’s more; Chocolate literally elevates my mood because it triggers the release of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters.

Do you need a mood booster? XO chocolate may be your ticket to happiness. I would be happy to tell you more (sorry, I couldn’t resist). I can be reached at 941-216-5727 and [email protected]

Here’s wishing you a very happy day!

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Hot Chocolate Is The Market To Watch In SW Florida

Port Charlotte Home Business All over the world, chocolate is a consistent best-seller. Punta Gorda food trends come and go, but Port Charlotte chocolate sales just grow and grow. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the following SW Florida food trends boom and fizzle: frozen yogurt, designer cupcakes, panini sandwiches, bagels, Jelly Bellys, and juice bars.

It seems like there is a new Punta Gorda pizza trend every month. How many different ways can you combine cheese, meat, sauce, and crust?

Chocolate, however, is a staple like bread, eggs, and milk. There are, of course, trends within the Punta Gorda chocolate world. Some, like chocolate fountains, chocolate-covered pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries, are still going strong. Others are losing steam; like chocolate-covered bacon, for example (did it ever have any steam, to begin with?).

How many global industries have such a loyal following? Even Coke and Pepsi are losing sales because of competition from energy and juice drinks. Starbucks seemed to be taking over the world in the nineties but has closed thousands of stores in the past few years.

Clearly, chocolate is a sure investment, but here’s the clincher; there is a high-antioxidant, low-fat chocolate that chocolate lovers can eat to promote health and well-being. Though it sounds too good to be true, XO Healthy Chocolate is that revolutionary chocolate incarnation that health-conscious Punta Gorda chocolate junkies have only dreamed about.

Not everyone who eats chocolate cares about the health risks of traditionally-processed chocolate. However, there are thousands of SW Florida people who are concerned about one or more of the following: oxidative cell damage, the heart consequences of a diet high in saturated fat, the evils of refined sugar, and the dangers of a weak immune system. As North Port boomers age, more and more are cleaning up their act.

When I tell my Punta Gorda XO prospects that they can continue to eat chocolate everyday if it is XO healthy chocolate, they order without skipping a beat. (I am, of course, their new best friend.) Well Beyond President Jeanette Brooks says that the XO philosophy is simple: replace the bad with the good.

That’s the XO antioxidant chocolate business plan in a nutshell; replace the bad with the good. If you want to be part of a world-class organization in a recession-proof industry, call me today.

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Can Healthy Chocolate Help Fibromyalgia in Punta Gorda?

Port Charlotte Acai Berries If you are one of the many SW Florida fibromyalgia sufferers, you know how difficult life can be with this debilitating condition. Extreme muscle pain and chronic fatigue are the most common physical symptoms, but sufferers also experience mental and emotional problems such as depression and problems focusing.

The following information is from the Mayo Clinic:

“Fibromyalgia occurs in about two percent of the population in the United States. Women are much more likely to develop the disorder than are men, and the risk of fibromyalgia increases with age. Fibromyalgia symptoms often begin after a physical or emotional trauma, but in many cases there appears to be no triggering event.”

XO healthy chocolate can help Punta Gorda fibromyalgia sufferers by reducing inflammation, increasing energy and promoting alertness.

In 2006, a fibro patient named Mike reluctantly tried XO at the urging of his wife, Beverly.

“Wow…was I in for an awakening! Once I started on XO Activ and Nuggets, I began to notice a difference in just 4 days…that’s right, 4 days! In two weeks, I was so much better, I was talking to family, friends and work associates all the time about this great discovery I had made.

Since Mike found relief, many people in SW Florida have discovered the best-tasting health supplement for fibromyalgia sufferers; XO antioxidant chocolate. If you have fibromyalgia symptoms and live in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, or North Port, contact me at 941-216-5727 to try XO dark chocolate.

As a special note, XO likes to remind all my friends in SW Florida that these statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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High Antioxidant Weight Loss Special Deal!

If you have been following my blog, you know I am a believer in Healthy Chocolate.  XO Healthy Chocolate has given me energy I have not had since diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago.  I started the X-Protein Meal Replacement Shake just once a day and had a few pieces of healthy chocolate each day.  I drink lots of water, exercise at least 20 minutes a day and eat snacks and try to eat fairly healthy.  What I am not doing is starving myself.  This has become an easy way to eat healthy and lose weight at a healthy pace.

If you have more than 25 pounds to lose,  you may wish to replace 2 meals a day with the high antioxidant shake.  It is shocking to me how successful my weight loss has been.

Now is the time to hurry and get in on this amazing High Antioxidant Chocolate Plan.  It is time to lose those unwanted pounds once and for all.  This has been more successful than any diet I have been on in the last 30 years.   You owe it to yourself to check this out.

With the NEW Associate Weight Loss Pack You Receive;

1          Enrollment Fee and Kit
2          High Antioxidant Shake
1          1/4 Case Nuggets (FREE)
1          1/4 Case X-Power Square (FREE)
1          “Radically Free” with Xocai Healthy Chocolate Diet Lose Weight on the weight loss diet eating chocolate nuggets and power squaresby Dr. Mike Kennedy

Even better, when you sign up, choose “Autoship”.  This will ship you a product of your choice once every 4 weeks.  For every 3rd Autoship for the first year, you will receive a FREE extra product.  (All you pay is shipping)  So in one year, you will receive 4 free products of your choice.  Between the new weight loss pack and this subscription

promotion, this is a great deal.

Even better, share this with your friends and you can earn money from home!  Awesome home based business.  What a great way to get yourself healthy, help others get healthy and get wealthy at the same time!

This is great if you just want to consume XO and it is also a great business opportunity.  Don’t miss out.  This is a great opportunity to lose weight.  Who knew dieting could be so easy?

Order your Associate Weight-Loss Pack here!  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Lets all lose some weight together! Email [email protected] or call 941-216-5727.

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Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Punta Gorda

Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Punta Gorda Do you need a healthy snack to keep in your locker for a post-workout bite at your Punta Gorda gym? Do you want a guilt-free morsel to nibble while you are stuck in traffic on a Florida interstate? How about a healthy breakfast bar to grab when you rush out of your Port Charlotte home on your way to work?

XO antioxidant chocolate bars are a convenient and delicious health food that tastes like candy. The XO Protein Bar is the perfect low-calorie (140 calories), high-protein (10g), and high-fiber (5g) meal-on-the-go providing the necessary antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vitamins (25% DV) for peak performance.

The XO Protein Bar is for North Port calories-be-damned chocoholics, Punta Gorda health nuts and everyone in between.

XO Protein Bars are just one of the delicious weight-loss chocolate products sold by XO. XO (show-sigh) developed a revolutionary chocolate manufacturing process that preserves the high antioxidant contents of natural cacao. XO is the only company that sells honest-to-goodness healthy chocolate. You can see the nutritional information for all of XO’s products at mxicorp.com.

I am Lynette Henk. In the past, if I was rushed and hungry, I would sometimes eat unhealthy junk food. I had been looking for something satisfying and nutritious to keep on hand for such times. Then I discovered XO healthy chocolate. At first, I thought “Healthy Chocolate” sounded like a XO scam. But XO delivers. Their antioxidant dark chocolate products are actually extremely nutritious. I was so impressed with the company and their weight-loss chocolate products that I decided to become a XO promoter.

Would you like to sample a XO protein bar? Are you interested in learning about an incredible income opportunity in a wide open SW Florida market? If so, we need to talk. Here is my contact info: phone – 941-216-5727, email – [email protected]

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Punta Gorda Florida Xe Drinkers Love Healthy Energy

SW Florida Antioxidant Energy Drink The XO Xe Energy Drink is winning Punta Gorda energy drink fans every day. These are the types of feedback I get from my SW Florida healthy chocolate drink customers:

“After getting the kids up and ready for school, putting in eight hours at work and then commuting in Port Charlotte rush hour traffic, I used to come home and crash at 7:00. Dinner was usually fast food. Now that I drink an Xe after lunch, I can come home, make a nutritious dinner, help the kids with homework and sometimes even do an hour on the treadmill while I watch my favorite show. Xe has given me back my evenings.”

“I have been drinking Punta Gorda energy drinks for six years. I have tried every major North Port energy drink and many niche brands. I finally find one that delivers steady energy—not a jolt followed by a sudden crash. I’ll never go back to Monster or Rock Star now that I have tried XO’s Xe.”

“I can’t get going in the morning. I used to pull up to the SW Florida Starbucks or Beans and Brews every day on my way to my SW Florida office and then drink cup after cup of break room coffee until lunch. The only thing I like as much as the taste of coffee is the taste of chocolate. Now, I keep Xe on hand at my Punta Gorda home and work. One drink gives me more energy than three cups of coffee—with no jitters.”

Order your Free Xe Sample pack that includes 3 full size Xe Energy Drinks. Just pay s/h.

To try Xe, call me at 941-216-5727. I am Lynette Henk, your source for all things XO.

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Healthy Chocolate, Healthy Business in Punta Gorda

Weight-Loss Chocolate The ancient Mayans were probably the earliest group to cultivate the cacao tree. The seeds from the pods of this tree, ‘cacao beans’, were so valuable they were used as currency in many of the pre-Colombian societies in the New World.

I am Lynette Henk and I can certainly understand why the cacao bean was so valuable to those early civilizations. I value the cacao bean wholeheartedly and the many delicious and nutritious foods for which it is used. I am an independent promoter of XO healthy chocolate in Punta Gorda and Punta Gorda. I am enjoying building my XO antioxidant chocolate business in the SW Florida area.

While XO’s chocolate products taste like swanky designer chocolates, calling them ‘candy’ is a bit misleading. Well Beyond, the makers of XO antioxidant chocolate use pure, unadulterated cacao, just as the Mayans and Aztecs. XO healthy chocolate is loaded with antioxidants. It is not only delicious; it is extremely beneficial for your health.

The Punta Gorda healthy chocolate market is growing steadily as Punta Gorda chocolate lovers replace their bad chocolate with XO (good) chocolate. The XO dark chocolate products popular in SW Florida include XO XE energy drink, XO Powerhouse cookies, and sipping Xocolate. My most successful XO product is XO Power Squares.

Talk about a product that literally sells itself! XO use to be an MLM secret but is steadily gaining enthusiastic converts who recognize a lucrative opportunity profiting from a recession-proof product and unlimited market.

Interested? We need to talk. Call me today @ 941-216-5727. You can start building your healthy chocolate business immediately.

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Reinvent Yourself in SW Florida

Punta Gorda MLM Secrets Do you want to reinvent yourself in Punta Gorda? This woman can show you the way.

The brilliant, friendly, and multi-talented Jeanette Brooks has never met a career she didn’t like. She has used her degrees (Bachelors in Speech Pathology, Master’s in Educational Administration) by working as an Aphasic Teacher, Easter Seals Camp Director, Diagnostics School owner/director and Speech Pathologist. (In case you were wondering, an Aphasic Teacher works with people who suffer with Aphasia, a debilitating speech disorder.)

As if those careers were not enough, Jeanette has also built three multi-million dollar companies!

Her current venture, Well Beyond Chocolate, is exceeding all her previous successes. Jeanette L. Brooks is President and Co-Founder of XO Healthy Chocolate. This revolutionary direct marketing company is helping many SW Florida men and women become financially independent by selling XO antioxidant chocolate to people in the Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda area and around the world.

Punta Gorda XO fans are discovering that you can enjoy chocolate everyday without risking your health – as long as you eat XO antioxidant chocolate with Acai berries.

Independent North Port XO consultants are profiting by helping their health-conscious Punta Gorda chocolate customers lose weight and feel better by eating XO dark chocolate. Punta Gorda people of our generation believe anything is possible – even chocolate that promotes cellular health. When SW Florida men and women hear about the health benefits of XO healthy chocolate, they say things like, “I have always had a hunch that chocolate is actually good for me!” or “I knew that eventually someone would figure out how to turn my favorite indulgence into a health food!”

I reinvented myself in 2010 by becoming a caring Punta Gorda XO promoter with my own SW Florida home-based health and wellness business. My Punta Gorda team is called Power Team and we are living our dreams.

You can contact me at 941-216-5727.

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