Don’t Get A Job In SW Florida

SW Florida low start up businessRich Dad, Poor Dad” was a bestseller among North Port entrepreneurs, parents and SW Florida home business owners. Author Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, “The Business of the 21st Century,” is about the advantages of network marketing businesses.

In an article in Direct Selling News (April 2010), Kiyosaki talked about his latest book and how the rules have changed for American workers.

Kiyosaki argues that Americans cannot rely on corporate jobs for a secure living because of technology and global competition. He points out that though technology helps us be more productive, it also eliminates jobs that used to require a real person.

The amount of vacant office space here in SW Florida and the number of people collecting unemployment is a constant reminder of the jobs lost in our area.

Overseas competition has drastically lowered wages, even for highly skilled positions. “Americans can no longer make $80 an hour because there are people in countries all over the world who are willing to work for a dollar an hour.”

Kiyosaki said his best friend’s father taught him wealth-building principles when he was a kid. “If you want to be rich, don’t get a job, don’t save money, and don’t get out of debt: learn to use money and be an entrepreneur.”

Kiyosaki’s recommendation for type of business? You guessed it: network marketing! He emphasizes the fact that MLMs are a great choice right now because they are inexpensive to start and operate and can be done part time.

In May, 2010, I decided to start a High-Antioxidant Protein Meal Replacement network marketing business in Punta Gorda. I am now an entrepreneur instead of an employee. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about my families’ future.

If you want to transition from North Port employee to entrepreneur, I can show you how to get started. Visit for an explanation of the High-Antioxidant Protein Meal Replacement opportunity.

Create health & wealth with XO healthy chocolate products.

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Gluten Free Chocolate in Punta Gorda

SW Florida Celiacs Hello, its Lynette Henk again spreading the news about delicious XO healthy chocolate.

In previous articles I have talked at length about the health-promoting ingredients contained in XO antioxidant chocolate. Today, I am going to talk about some of the ingredients that are not found in XO healthy chocolate.

XO dark chocolate is the only chocolate product that does not include:

  • Refined Sugars
  • Trans fats
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Preservatives
  • Waxes

Most Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda chocolate lovers know why refined sugar and trans fats are harmful, but what about gluten? Gluten is the protein that wheat, rye and barley contains. Most breads, cereal and pasta products contain gluten. Perhaps you have noticed SW Florida gluten free breads, pastas and cereals.

Gluten is taboo for people who have Celiac Disease (CD). Celiac disease is a chronic digestive disorder of the small intestine. People with this condition have difficulty absorbing nutrients. If they accidentally eat gluten, they have a toxic reaction that can damage the small intestine.

The absence of gluten in XO antioxidant chocolate is sweet news for SW Florida people with gluten intolerance. If you know someone who suffers from Celiac Disease, treat them to XO, a chocolate product that is gluten-free. They can safely enjoy a health food that tastes like expensive Belgium chocolate.

Lynette Henk 941-216-5727 [email protected]
Independent XO healthy chocolate promoter in Punta Gorda, SW Florida, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and North Port.

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Jeanette Brooks Inspires Entrepreneurs In Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda Home Based Business Jeanette L. Brooks’ Well Beyond Chocolate is helping thousands of people succeed. Jeanette is the founder and President of Well Beyond Chocolate, the makers of XO healthy chocolate. As of November 2010, there were 180,000 XO associates in thirty countries, some of them right here in North Port and Punta Gorda.

Many Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte promoters are supplementing their salary with a secondary source of income. Some of these people have reached extraordinary financial success. Jeanette wants each SW Florida healthy chocolate promoter to succeed.

The Winter 2011 issue of Prosper magazine reports on Jeanette L. Brooks and the XO Healthy Chocolate business opportunity. The following quotes give a glimpse into the mind and heart of XO’s dynamic founder:

“I think what network marketing does is free people. It frees people to know that they have a chance and can make a difference.”

“So many people feel trapped. Trapped because they are aging and don’t know what is at the end of the road. Trapped because they are overweight. Trapped financially because they can’t pay their bills. They’ve got to dream and they’ve got to get out of the box to realize that they are not trapped.”

“What I love about this business is that women and are made equal, young and old are made equal. Anybody that can work, anybody that can have a vision can succeed in this business.”

I believe what Jeanette believes, that any North Port, Punta Gorda, or Port Charlotte person who has a vision can succeed with a XO antioxidant chocolate business. If you have doubts, let’s talk. I am confident that I can relieve your concerns. If you join The Power Team (my XO team), we can succeed together.

  • Healthy Chocolate Consultant Lynette Henk
  • Punta Gorda, Florida
  • 941-216-5727
  • [email protected]
  • High-Antioxidant Protein Meal Replacement

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Hot SW Florida Curator Collection Home Business Opportunity!

Hot SW Florida Home Business Opportunity! Energy drinks are not a passing Punta Gorda fad. They are projected to outsell Coke and Pepsi in SW Florida over the next decade. XoCai, the original healthy chocolate company, has recently introduced Xe, the first health enhancing energy drink available in North Port.

As Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster garner negative press for their health dangers and predatory marketing practices aimed at children, there is growing awareness and demand in SW Florida for non-harmful energy drinks.

I am Healthy Chocolate Curator Lynette Henk, a proud and successful Xocai business consultant in Punta Gorda and the surrounding cities. I am extremely glad I chose to sell Xocai (pronounced ‘show-sigh’) products when I started my business in May 2010. It was an important choice. Xocai’s primary antioxidant chocolate product line has been selling briskly in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. Now, Xocai’s Xe Energy Drink is bringing a whole new group of Punta Gorda Xocai customers; former Red Bull drinkers. Xe is so superior to Red Bull that it only takes one can to persuade SW Florida customers to switch.

You can help Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda energy drinkers avoid the health dangers of Rock Star and Monster and profit from it at the same time. Just as North Port dark chocolate lovers can replace their bad chocolate with Xocai healthy chocolate, Punta Gorda Red Bull drinkers can replace it with Xe and receive a powerful, safe and sustained energy boost in addition to natural nourishment.

If you want to experience Xe Energy or learn about the Xocai SW Florida small business opportunity for Curators, contact me today. My phone number is 941-216-5727 or you can visit us direct at

Create health & wealth with Xocai healthy chocolate products.

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All-Natural Energy Drink

SW Florida Dark Chocolate I am Lynette Henk, a Healthy Chocolate Consultant in Punta Gorda. I am excited to tell you about XO Activ drink.

Of course the ingredients in XO Activ drink are nutritional powerhouses: unprocessed cacao, acaí berries, blueberries and concord grapes. (I would expect no less from XO, the original antioxidant chocolate company.) However, what Activ does not contain is equally important.

XO Activ has NO:

  • Added colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Preservatives

XO has formulated Activ for the Punta Gorda purist who wants an all-natural energy drink with the highest antioxidant content of any drink sold in Punta Gorda.

Even though Activ contains no preservatives, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling. It is sold in powdered form which keeps for a year without losing its nutritional value. To make a delicious chocolate health drink, add ten ounces of warm water to the Activ powder and shake well. Then add eleven ounces of cold water and refrigerate overnight. Some of my Port Charlotte Activ drinkers like their shake a little thicker so they add slightly less water.

My active Punta Gorda and North Port Activ lovers who are always on the go appreciate the fact that Activ dark chocolate drink comes in powdered form. It is lighter than bottles or cans of liquid and takes less space in a backpack or suitcase.

Activ is the ultimate antioxidant beverage for the active SW Florida lifestyle!

If you would like an Activ XO review or information about other XO products such as XO Power Squares, come join me at my next Punta Gorda XO meeting.

Call me at 941-216-5727 or email me at [email protected] and I will let you know the time and place and answer any questions you may have about XO antioxidant chocolate.

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Top Business Of The Century In SW Florida

Top Business Of The Century In SW Florida

“What is the Florida business of the 21st Century?” Network Marketing!

Bestselling author (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “Cashflow Quadrant”) and wealth-building expert Robert Kiyosaki’s latest book is called “The Business of the 21st Century.” In it, Kiyosaki makes the case that SW Florida MLMs are the business of the century because they create genuine wealth.

Kiyosaki points out that wealth and money are not the same thing. “Money is what you earn; wealth is what you build.” The SW Florida people who understand the difference between money and wealth work to build assets, not merely earn income. A SW Florida business becomes an asset when it generates income even when the owner is not working.

A network marketing business is an asset, not just a job. Assets create wealth for Punta Gorda entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I am Lynette Henk working in the 33983 zip code area. I invite you to create your own wealth-building asset by joining my network marketing team sharing XO Power Squares in Punta Gorda and on the online marketplace.

Think about it: Network marketing in the Punta Gorda area turns something you already have (a network) into a money making asset. Here is the formula for success in Punta Gorda:

Your network + a quality product (XO Power Squares) + your time, effort, and skills + my support and training = an income-generating asset!

If you are an entrepreneur in Punta Gorda but your current venture is not generating passive income, I would invite you to learn more about the XO Power Squares wealth-building opportunity. My phone number is 941-216-5727 and my email address is [email protected]

The information from Robert T. Kiyosaki’s new book was taken from an article he wrote for Direct Selling News entitled “Network Marketing: The Business of the 21st Century.” It appeared in the April 2010 issue.

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Attention Port Charlotte Customer Service Pros!

Port Charlotte CSR home business If you are Port Charlotte customer service pro, you will do great with a XO Power Squares business. Let me explain.

Some Port Charlotte entrepreneurs who consider starting a XO Power Squares home business without prior business experience wonder if they can be successful.

I tell them that it is helpful to understand some basic business principles. One key principle is Focusing on the Customer Customer service specialists know exactly what this means.

Why do some online business owners in Port Charlotte fail? They take their eye off the customer. Successful Port Charlotte small business owners never lose sight of who keeps them in business.

It is an easy trap to fall into. Most first-time Port Charlotte entrepreneurs start the whole process by putting all their energy and resources into the product. If they never shift that to the customer, their home business never gets to the next level. This is understandable; it is the owner’s passion for the product that spurred the creation of the home business in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling the most wonderful product in the world, if it doesn’t satisfy your Port Charlotte customer, your business will fold.

With a network marketing business like the XO Power Squares opportunity, we have eliminated this problem because the product is all taken care of. The research and development, testing, manufacturing, and delivery system for XO Power Squares is in place. XO Power Squares brand awareness is growing in Port Charlotte and throughout the world as it receives enthusiastic MLM reviews and favorable media attention.

To make a XO Power Squares business grow, a customer service rep/entrepreneur can do what they do best: single-mindedly focus on the customers.

Port Charlotte veteran customer service reps: leave your cubicle, headset, and hourly wage behind and start collecting checks from your own customers. Call me today to sign up!

Healthy Chocolate Consultant Lynette Henk
Punta Gorda, Florida
941-216-5727 [email protected]
XO Power Squares

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Chocolate Wealth in Punta Gorda

Chocolate Wealth in Punta Gorda XO healthy chocolate promoters in SW Florida and around the world have discovered that chocolate is recession resistant, though some are more surprised than others.

The ‘instant believers’ in Punta Gorda Florida that recognized the potential of XO dark chocolate when they first heard about it expected their current level of success. Their initial positive vibes were quickly confirmed.

Others joined with some hesitation. Some had been laid off and needed an income while they looked for work. Hundreds of those who started their XO home business ‘on the side’ have built their antioxidant chocolate businesses to the point where it has become their primary means of support. It is interesting to hear stories of people who say that losing their nine-to-five job was the best thing that ever happened to them. To know that your income potential is unlimited is a heady feeling for many former wage earners.

Founders Jeanette L. Brooks and Andrew N. Brooks are gratified to know that thousands of families have been helped financially through the XO business opportunity.

And the best part? Being a part of the healthy chocolate revolution! Can you think of a better way to bring happiness to chocolate lovers who want to improve their health? Do you think global chocolate demand will ever diminish? This is not a home business secret; Well Beyond Corp welcomes everyone to the wonderful world of XO healthy chocolate.

If you want to sell New York Times style chocolate in and around Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda, call Lynette Henk at 941-216-5727 or visit my healthy chocolate website. Have a new area to open up? Give me a call!

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