How To Know if A Home Based Business Opportunity Is A Scam or the Real Deal. Simple Tips To Find The Right Option For You.

2With all the scams and questionable home business opportunities, it can be difficult to find a truly honest business where you can earn the kind of money you need from the comfort of your home office.  One of the options to consider as a valid home based buiness is a Network or Relationship Marketing business.  You are looking for a proven model of success, one that is easily duplicatable so that you can do it and people on your team can do it as well.  Here are some Simple Tips to keep in mind when searching for your opportunity: 1)  How long has the business been around.  If it is less than 5 years, it is not a proven business model.  A safer bet would be a Network Marketing Company with over 5 years in business. 2)  How much debt do they owe?  An ideal business is one that is debt free.  You want to make sure you will be paid and that they are going to be around for the long haul. 3)  Do they have a niche market?  Is the product they carry unique?  Can you buy the same thing in the store?  What is the value for the consumer? 4)  Is the product in an area that will benefit baby boomers?  Baby boomers account for one-third of the US population, roughly 75.8 million.  This is also the market that has the most disposable income.  It is safe to say that catering to this market is a smart business plan.  This is why you see health and wellness businesses doing so well. 5)  What is the earning potential?  How much money can you make?  How quickly can you earn your initial investment back?  Is this a business that interests you?  Selling something you don’t care about is difficult.  It is always easier to share what you believe in.Dr. Gordon Pedersen Shares How to Neutralize Free Radicals by Eating Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates Can Be Good For You More reasons to eat dark healthy chocolate I am Lynette Henk, Business Consultant and XO Healthy Chocolate promoter.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, [email protected], or at Posted in Home Business, UncategorizedTagged , , , , , , , ,


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The prospect of working from home has gained credibility over the years. Home offices can now compete with small commercial businesses and save on rent in the process. Faxes, high speed internet connections, dedicated home telephone lines, and cell phones help to make a home-based business a reality. Earlier home businesses had been where families lived on the second floor of their house while converting the first floor into a store, where upon close of business they would secure the first floor and retire to the upper floors. This type of home business is still done in some rural areas.`:`”

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Beginning and running a home business may be thrilling, but there’s a lot of challenges you must overcome first. Continue reading if you are seriously interested in starting your own business from home. Discuss your ideas with someone who knows about accounting as it relates to home-based businesses. He or she can help you start an account for your business, so you can get business checks, as well as business credit.^;^-

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