What Is The Babcock Ranch Solar City Healthy Chocolate Story?

What Is The Babcock Ranch Solar City Healthy Chocolate Story?

SW Florida Passive Income Brunswick Laboratories, the leaders in antioxidant testing, have been very busy measuring ORAC values of Xocai healthy chocolate. Healthy Chocolate Company, makers of Xocai Chocolates, sent samples of the new 2010 formulations of each of their products. That’s right; Xocai has made their antioxidant dark chocolate even healthier.

Healthy Chocolate Company has been posting graphs showing the results as they have become available. You can see The Healthy Chocolate Story on our Three Sons Marketing LLC website. Check out the results for Activ in the picture above.

What does this mean to a Punta Gorda 0r Babcock Ranch Florida dark chocolate aficionado? Or a Port Charlotte or North Port chocoholic? A Punta Gorda hot cocoa connoisseur? How about a North Port chocolate cookie monster?

It means that if you replace your unhealthy chocolate with Xocai cold pressed dark  antioxidant  rich chocolate, you will feel better, physically and mentally. Xocai carries a product for every type of SW Florida chocolate junkie.  Although Babcock Ranch, the first Solar City, has not opened up a Healthy Chocolate Store just yet, you can still order direct and have your Xocai Belgian Chocolates shipped right to your door with Free Shipping!

If you are not sure which one you will like best, you may want to order Xocai Healthy Chocolate  ‘Best Sellers’ Variety Pack. It contains Nuggets, X Powersquares, Omega Squares and XoBiotic Squares.

Are you craving chocolate yet? Call me at 877-208-8172 or email me at [email protected]. I can hook you up with the most delicious health chocolate you have ever tasted!  Get a deal today on a box starting at $34.50 SHIPPED thanks to  FREE SHIPPING!  (No coupon code needed!)



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