Mom Shares How Autistic Son Improved Volatile Mood Swings With Diet

Today I am going to share something very close to my heart. It honestly goes back to one of the main reasons I am such a cheerleader for Healthy Chocolate. I could talk for days about how much Beyond Chocolate has helped me personally and my family but honestly when our oldest son started showing symptoms of autism, it was incredibly difficult for our entire family. Years ago doctors were not that great about diagnosing autism. They were quick to label him as developmentally delayed and with attention deficit disorder. (ADD) I know, everyone says ADD and ADHD are over diagnosed. I used to be one of those parents that believed that until my son had extensive testing that showed he was only hearing 1 or 2 words in a complete sentence because he could not focus. There was more going on than just ADD and developmental delays however for years that is all the doctors ever mentioned to us. Annually we would follow-up with the neurologist for other health issues and one day in conversation they talked about autism like we already knew our son was autistic. But we had no idea. I hope parents today are seeing children diagnosed at an earlier age. Physical, speech and occupational therapy can make a huge difference, but there really is a window of opportunity when they are young where they can make significant strides with therapy. And, that is the reason I hope younger children are diagnosed and get services much sooner than our family did.

As your child goes through the public school system, hopefully they will have an IEP. This Individualized Education Program is an important legal document that gives your child the right to an appropriate education and services they need to learn. If your child is currently in the public school system, has autism or special needs it is very important that you don’t allow the school district to tell you that all you need is a 504 plan. A 504 plan will list accommodations that your child may need in school, however it does not carry the legal protections that an IEP offers. So fight for the IEP and your childs rights.

We need to be realistic and know that the school district alone cannot simply “fix” your child. They will do their best to help your child reach their potential of course but we as parents have to do our part. Not really sure fixing is the answer. I love how my son keeps me focused on fun and Walt Disney World. I can’t imagine life without him so fixing just seems wrong. Lets just say everyone deserves the best quality of life possible. We certainly tried to do that with gusto. We tried everything until it wore our family down so much that I started having my own personal health problems. Being your childs advocate is difficult work. The life for parents and siblings of an autistic child can be quite challenging.

In fact the life for parents and siblings of an autistic family member takes a toll on everyone. I love my son more than life itself, but I am being brutally honest here. If you are a parent of a child with autism, you understand. I am going to share a very difficult time in my life. My son was over 18 and got frustrated as happened often. The police knew us well. Our neighbors knew the situation. Even my mother was afraid for my life. These are scary things for families to deal with. One day when my son was frustrated, he pushed me in the driveway. Not because he was evil or mean, but because he was frustrated and did not know how to deal with it. After the episode, he is terrified and upset with himself as well. He is a good kid. They all are. But during this specific episode, when he pushed me, I flew in the driveway breaking my right shoulder, left arm and hurting my knee. I am screaming out in pain, my other children come outside and I remember the terrified look on their faces. I tried to calm down for them but the pain was killer.

Check out my youtube story here to hear about this in detail.

You may find out when your child becomes an adult that resources for them are very limited. The bottom line is that we have many adult children who have completed public school and are not able to work, living at home with their parents. I don’t mean to scare you, but don’t assume that your child will not act out or get frustrated and exhibit dangerous or concerning behavior. When our son was younger it was easier to control him. As he became a teenager, the changes with hormones seemed to cause a significant issue. Talking to parents, this really is the point in time when things come to a head. I want you to know there is hope. I am sharing this with you because it has made such a difference in our family. I want you to see the same benefits and avoid the volatile mood swings that so many experience as the children get older. My son was taking medication to help control his moods when the episode happened. I was not one of those natural moms who refused to give my son prescription medications. I researched everything and made what I thought was the best choice. That really is all we can do as parents. I wish someone had told me that changing my sons diet could make a difference. So I am telling you what I wish I knew when my son was younger. Diet does matter!

The problem of course is that a family that is already struggling because of the autism in the first place now has to figure out how to cut out all processed foods and make everything from scratch and so much more. All while dealing with struggles I can’t even go into in one simple blog post. The thing is this, I simply changed his breakfast. Eventually over the years we cut out processed foods and really try to eat better but honestly, the one thing that made the most difference by far, is a protein shake I give him every morning for breakfast. That is doable. It takes a few minutes to make it. And, it tastes good so they will actually drink it.

If you get nothing else from my post, know that chocolate shake works. Healthwise it offers more antioxidants and flavonoids than any other shake I have found on the planet. It also is a great source of protein. I got buy-in from my son because we both started the shake at the same time. It was our special thing! And of course we had a special cup that we went and picked out to have the shake in every morning. Talking to some other parents, this helped. It has been over 7 years of having this shake and my son and I still have it to this day. Years ago I would have never thought we could vacation as a family but now we bring our shake and blender with us when we travel to Walt Disney World in Orlando and even on a cruise.

I do find that making the shake with a frozen banana and a little peanut butter, 1 cup ice and 2 scoops of the shake is popular with the kids. My son and I now make our shake with 1 cup unsweet vanilla almond milk. You can literally pour it in a shaker cup and blend if you want it super quick.

I don’t know what you are spending for breakfast, but if your child is still young, one bag of this shake will last you 28 days. One bag of Beyond Chocolate Shake runs $75 shipped.I think that is pretty affordable but right now you can save an extra 10%! Any new customer will pay just $67.50 shipped when they use coupon code “shake”. Offer will end at midnight on March 16 so now is a great time to try out the shake at a fantastic price!!!!

Now if your child is larger or an adult like mine, I truly believe you want to make your shake with two scoops instead of one for younger kids. All of the results my son has experienced are based on a two scoop shake. To have two scoops every morning for breakfast, you will need two bags of the shake per month. One really great thing is that when you order on subscription, every third month for the first year you get free product equal to what you spend monthly. It is a great way to get some free healthy chocolate for the family or more of the protein shake.

Trust me, I know about all the medical expenses you are incurring and that another expense is not ideal. I know, I have been there. But honestly I would not waste my time or your time talking to you about something as important as this if it did not make a big difference. It has changed our lives. Sure my son is still autistic. Sure he is. But his outlook on life is greatly improved. His quality of life is different. We have hope for his future and ours.

If you are a family dealing with autism, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to share how this has helped us. If you like me are experiencing a benefit and know you need to share this with the world, contact me and I can help you get started. Even our customers can earn free product by sharing it with 3 other people who order. When they order monthly, you get free product monthly. You just pay shipping and tax if it applies in your state.

I am Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC. After seeing firsthand how this helped our family, I became a cheerleader of sorts, a promoter, for these amazing Well Beyond products. Everyone I know has benefited from these high antioxidant chocolate products including me and now I get paid to share the health benefits. I am excited to see that Kathy Ireland has been talking about our products as well. She even said, “I love you guys. You make eating healthy taste great.” on the set of her show Modern Living With Kathy Ireland. Visit my site at or call me at (941) 216-5727. I am here to help. There is hope!

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A Chocolate Shake Changed Our Life: Life On The Autism Spectrum


I am the mom of one of the most loving, sweet and adorable boys on the planet. I am a mom of three boys. I love them all. My firstborn son would rock my world. I had no idea what it would take to be a mom of a special needs child. I learned quickly that I had to become an advocate for my child. I never considered myself a strong fighter before, but when you are talking about the needs of your child, everything changes. I adore my son. He keeps me young. He loves all things Disney. He loves musicals. The little things make him happy. He is a big fan of plush animals, especially ones that come from Disney World. His room is a menagerie of plush stuffed animals and all characters Disney.

As my eldest son hit the teen years, things changed. It became more difficult to deal with him. He became more frustrated, and more angry. His mood swings scared us. Friends and family who knew us well were afraid for our safety. The police had been called, numerous times. This is often the life of a family dealing with a family member on the autism spectrum. It can also be the same issue for those with ADD or ADHD. In fact, my son was diagnosed with ADD at a young age, and ultimately Autism when he was a bit older.

As we were dealing with mood swings and his health problems, I was so stressed and so busy, I would make the quickest meal possible just to make it through the day. Problem was, that was actually the worst thing we could do.

It got to the point that my son out of frustration, pushed me in the driveway. I flew, literally, fell on my right shoulder and rolled over again somehow. When all was said and done I had a broken, shattered right shoulder, a broken left arm and a very swollen knee. I was shocked, shocked that he pushed me and scared for what the future would hold. One day I was grasping at straws and trying to figure out if it was safe for our son to even live with us. We were afraid for the future because his mood was so volatile.

Over the years I learned how much of a difference diet can make. I emptied our pantry shelves of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and food coloring.

We stopped eating processed foods and we started eating Beyond Healthy Chocolate. Then we started a Beyond Healthy Chocolate protein shake with a high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids.

I had started eating Beyond Healthy Chocolate and they were just coming out with a new Healthy Chocolate protein shake. I was not actually sure it would help although the antioxidant content was off the charts and it was made with healthy chocolate that was not heated and dutched, meaning it stil had the benefits like you would find in raw cacao or cocoa. I figured chocolate was good for mood so what could it hurt? None of the prescription medications my son had received had helped. So, my son and I both started the shake on the same day. I bought him a special cup to use and we made our shake with 1/2 frozen banana, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, 1 cup ice and 2 scoops of the shake mix. It actually tasted pretty darn good. My son and I started that shake over five years ago and today we still both have that shake for breakfast every morning. It is wonderful nutrition and the best thing I could have ever done. I am thankful to God that he led me to that shake.

Fastforward to now and my son is 25 and calm. Sure, he is still autistic but we QwmtqRJtN84Y8dEzIYfYhave hope for the future, something we did not have all those years ago. We have hope because he continues to improve. The more he has the shake, the more he improves. I can’t explain it, I am not a Doctor or a scientist. I am just a mom.

All I know is that it works. I tell everyone I know who has a child with autism or ADD or ADHD that nutrition matters. I also noticed that many of the moms of children with autism are just like me. I have had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over 15 years. When I talk to other moms dealing with special needs children, the parents seem to have autoimmune diseases or fibromyalgia. So I make sure to share with them the benefits I experience when I have the Beyond Protein Shake. It helps with my fatigue. It helps with my pain. I won’t go anywhere without it or skip that shake. It helps that much.

If you are looking for a good nutrition breakfast, I highly recommend you try this shake. Call us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

You can reach Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941-216-5727 or visit us at

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Generalized Dystonia, Neurological Movement Disorder Norma Miller Testimony After Eating Dark Chocolate


The testimonies I hear about BEYOND Healthy Chocolate products continue to amaze me.  My family has been eating Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. Chocolate Products for over six years.  We noticed a profound difference when our autistic son started eating the products.  I personally noticed significant improvement of symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue as well as improved blood work.

HOWEVER, nothing quite caught my attention like this youtube video about Norma Miller.  Norma says she was invited to a Chocolate Party and ate the chocolate they gave her with her Dystonia symptoms improving.  When she ran out of chocolate the next morning, the symptoms started returning.  The difference is amazing.

I am so impressed by Norma Millers’ story that I am forwarding it to you to check it out for yourself.  Make sure to see Norma as she talks with her Generalized Dystonia as well as after eating the Beyond Chocolates for a few months.  Share this with everyone you know!  There are so many concerns about what is in our food.  We need all the help we can get!

Worried about calories?  Our Beyond Power Square starts at just 33 calories so no worries about High Calorie Candy Chocolate.  This is the Healthy Chocolate with gluten free, diabetic friendly and vegetarian options.  No processed sugars, no waxes or fillers.  Our Chocolate is not Candy.  It is not heated.  It keeps in the antioxidants and flavonoids.  We are the Healthiest Chocolate in The World.

If you are dealing with any chronic condition, consider what eating lots of antioxidants and flavanols every day can do for you!  If you are lucky enough to be healthy and want to stay that way, incorporating Healthy Chocolates into your diet is the way to go for anti-aging.

No matter if you want to start your own Well-Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. business from your home or you want to simply order products for you and your family, we are here for you.

I highly recommend the NEW Healthy Chocolate Value Pack for just $169.95 shipped plus tax.  This comes with an assortment of our Beyond Healthy Chocolates including Power Squares, Xo Love Bites, Xobiotic Squares, Nuggets and 4 of the Xo Love Chocolate Love Bites and 4 of the Beyond Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  Also included is a bottle of Activ, the strongest Natural Antioxidant product we offer and a 12 pack of the Xe Energy Drinks, favorites for pretty much every guy I know including my young adult sons and my hubby.

Any questions visit Wayne or Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC out of Punta Gorda, Florida.  We are here to dana1help you.  We can be reached at 941-216-5727 or at  We hope to hear from you soon.  

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Healthy Chocolate Is Poised For Massive Growth. Have You Tried This Delicious Belgian Chocolate?

wynlyn   If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be eating chocolate every day and that it would be good for me, I would have told you that you were flat out CRAZY!  I mean, we all know that chocolate is all sugar and so bad for you, right?  Well fast forward to 2010 and that was the year I learned that there really is a Healthy Chocolate.  My family and I have been eating it ever since.  We notice such a difference in our personal health, it is something we will NEVER GIVE UP. We also appreciate the anti-aging benefits.  Nobody even believes me when I tell them I am 51.  We have been eating Beyond chocolates and the Beyond protein shake for many years.  If I skip it, I notice.

If you have not had the opportunity to learn about Healthy Chocolate, take a few minutes and check into it.  I am not a doctor but I have seen enough of them in my 51 years to last a lifetime.  I have suffered with migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and osteoporosis just to name a few and have a son who deals with autism as well as another son who nearly died at birth.  Well I can tell you that I no longer have osteoporosis and my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms are much better managed than any of the 13 medications I was taking at one point to deal with it all.  Now I take just a few meds, nothing like the crazy amounts I used to take.  I also don’t need anything for high cholesterol or blood pressure even though I am heavy.

I eat chocolate every day.

I eat Beyond Healthy Chocolate only.  I notice a difference with my son with autism.  If you are a family dealing with autism, contact me and I will give you the specific changes we noticed when improving his diet to include this. My son has the Beyond protein shake every day.  He does not skip it either.  I don’t eat the processed chocolates even if they have 70% cacao.  Why?  Because even the 70% chocolate bars heat their chocolate.  The longer they heat, the more health benefits are destroyed.  This Beyond chocolate does not heat.  That is why it is able to keep in the Antioxidants and Flavanols found in raw cacao which is what true chocolate is made from.  You have heard on the news and your magazines how good chocolate is but they forget to mention all chocolate is not the same. changeyourchocolate1

So do yourself a favor and check it out today.

Give yourself three months and see what a difference you notice.  I have customers who have been ordering for over six years, as long as I have known about it, and they won’t stop eating it either.  There must be something to this and you are missing out.  Diabetic friendly, gluten free, low calorie and vegetarian chocolate that still tastes amazing?  Sign me up!

It is a new year.

Make 2017 the year that you eat Beyond Healthy Chocolates.

Learn more about this Healthy Chocolate and improving your health and the health of your family.  We are also looking for Healthy Chocolate Independent Sales Reps., great business opportunity poised for massive growth.


Contact Lynette or Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941-216-5727 for details or visit us at


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Thoughts On Autism, Vaxxed The Movie, The ABC News Interview Big Pharma Does Not Want You To See And Nutrition


As a mom of a 23 year old autistic son, I was very interested to see the new Movie Vaxxed that is out in select Regal Cinema Theaters.  This was the movie that was banned from the Tribeca Film Festival after Robert De Niro was pressured to pull the movie.  Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed has been doing Q & A meetings after movies when it is first showing in a new market.  Along with Del Bigtree, Dr.  It is about a whistleblower and fraud that was committed at the CDC with the MMR vaccine study.   This movie is NOT an anti-vax movie.  Until they can make the MMR vaccine safe, simply having the measles, mumps and rubella immunizations individually is a smart way to go according to the Vaxxed movie.

I was able to see Vaxxed in Sarasota at the Regal Cinema.  I was shocked and disappointed by the frigidaire 215fraud perpetrated on the American Public.  I have been watching the Q & A’s by individuals in the movie.  What I did learn from watching the Q & A’s is that autistic children may be having problems detoxing.  Superior nutrition is vitalThis makes sense to me because I have had my son on a complete nutrition protein shake that has over 56,000 ORACfn and 21 grams of protein in each serving.  Over time, we are seeing improvements with our son.  It took a month at first to notice a difference, even his doctor was noticing at three-month appointments.  Now that he has been on this Beyond protein shake for years, we continue to see improvements.  We have hope for the future.

Our son is doing things we never thought possible and this is improving his quality of life and ours.  What stuck with me is that it was rippe1mentioned that we should be spending most of our money on quality nutritious foods.  Skip the processed foods.  If you have someone in your family who is suffering with autism, seriously watch this movie and look for a high antioxidant protein shake to help improve nutrition.  Thankfully this chocolate shake tastes really good so it was easy to incorporate into our sons diet.  We mix his shake with 1/2 a frozen banana, a cup of ice, cup of water, 1 teaspoon peanut butter and 2 scoops of the Beyond shake.  Another one we like is 1 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 cup ice and 2 scoops of the Beyond shake.

Contact me if you would like details.  This has been a life changer for us.  What do you have to lose.  Contact us, we would be glad to share what is working for our family.  Lynette & Wayne Henk, Three Sons Marketing LLC 941-216-5727

Here is the video big Pharma does not want you to see from ABC News with Producer of Vaxxed, Del Bigtree.

Disclaimer:  This is the personal story of our family and autism.  Beyond products are part of a comprehensive approach to  a healthy lifestyle.  Beyond is a super-food.  Beyond products do not claim to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.


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Cacao Percentage On Chocolate Label Is NOT Reliable Guide of Flavanol Amounts In Dark Chocolates


Now that the word is out from the National Confectioners Association’s Chocolate Council that flavanol content in chocolate may have important cardiovascular effects, people are looking for high flavanol chocolate and are finding it difficult if not impossible to find.  In fact, we could not find this in any major retailers brick and mortar stores or online.  We have heard from the media over the years that the cacao percentage in chocolate is what is most important for chocolate.

Now we find that flavanols in chocolate vary based on how the raw cacao seed is handled.

According to the National Confectioners Association Chocolate Council, “Though flavanols are abundant in the fresh, raw cacao seed, how the seed is handled from tree to finished chocolate matters a great deal.  Through conventional handling and common manufacturing processes such as fermentation, drying, roasting and alkalization, the natural flavanol content components are naturally destroyed.”

“Because of these variables, the cacao percentage marked on a chocolate’s label isn’t a reliable guide to flavanol amounts.  Though darker may be better for a deep chocolate taste, it does not guarantee a higher flavanol content.”

The key is to find flavanol rich chocolate.  There is a “Healthy Chocolate Company” that has been making flavanol rich chocolate for over ten years.  This patented chocolate method keeps in the antioxidant and flavanol content in the raw cacao bean.  My favorite Beyond Healthy Chocolate is the Xobiotic chocolates that include a probiotic.

Just one piece of this chocolate has 1, 056 flavanol (mg) content.

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This belgian chocolate is sweetened with acai and blueberry and does not have the waxes and fillers you find in candy chocolate.  This chocolate is also diabetic friendly, low calorie, suitable for vegetarians and GMO-Free,  On the box of Beyond chocolate it also states “Recent studies on cacao have concluded that best results were obtained by consuming a daily minimum of 600-900mg oof Total Flavanoids, plant-based antioxidants that help the body’s cells resist damage by free radicals. “

If you have been regularly eating dark chocolate in the hopes that you are providing a healthy benefit, it is clear that flavanoid rich chocolate is the only way to goxolove11.  Now that there is high demand for high flavanol chocolate, you may soon find this available at your local chiropractic office, massage therapy office, anti-aging medicine physicians offices, detox spas and high end salons.  If you own your own small business and would like to incorporate this lucrative opportunity to share flavanol rich chocolates with your clients,

PLEASE CALL 941-216-5727


email [email protected]





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Questions please contact Lynette or Wayne Henk, Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941-216-5727.



The Story of Chocolate, National Confectioners Association’s CHOCOLATE Council (NCA),

“According to the National Confectioners Association Chocolate Council, “Though flavanols are abundant in the fresh, raw cacao seed, how the seed is handled from tree to finished chocolate matters a great deal.  Through conventional handling and common manufacturing processes such as fermentation, drying, roasting and alkalization, the natural flavanol content components are naturally destroyed.”

“Because of these variables, the cacao percentage marked on a chocolate’s label isn’t a reliable guide to flavanol amounts.  Though darker may be better for a deep chocolate taste, it does not guarantee a higher flavanol content.”

Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. Box,




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How Does A Family Deal With Autism Spectrum Disorder Mood Swings In The Teenager Or Adult

photo 2I am a mom of three boys. My oldest child is autistic. Although I love my children, I must say that having children with disabilities can be a struggle. I can’t imagine life without my son and I am thankful for all of my children every day.  It is just that the life of a family touched by autism is different.  Autism Spectrum Disorder, including aspergers, affect many families and that is why I feel it is so important to share how my sons autism mood swings were controlled simply by changing his diet.

As long as I can remember, my son struggled with severe mood swings, I am sure in part because some of the medication he would take would wear off causing side effects. After a while, we had tried so many medications to lessen these side effects but instead the situation became more of an issue. It seemed like we were walking on eggshells, doing anything we could to avoid an outburst. I could tell you many stories.

Unfortunately we went through about four years that were just horrible.

It got to the point that we were afraid to take our son on vacation or leave him home with his brothers if we had to run to the store.  I even recall a time when the neighbors were concerned and called the police.  There was also the time when my son pushed me and I suffered broken bones, a broken shoulder and a broken arm.  Since he was an adult when this happened, I was terrified he would be put in jail.  I was also afraid he could hurt me, his father or his brothers.  Without a change, we were going to have to find another placement for our son that would protect us and better meet his needs.  If you have been in this situation, you know that finding a placement for a teen or adult autistic individual is difficult if not impossible.

So if you are at your wits end, what do you have to lose?

I knew that my son did not eat well so I figured this protein shake would not hurt.  I did not expect that it would improve his mood so greatly as well as improve his ability to communicate rippe1with others.  We are seriously just talking about a form of breakfast or lunch.  Try it and see for yourself.  We let his doctor know we were going to incorporate this shake and she felt that was fine as it was a good nutrition choice.  I will tell you that it was a process.  Our son did not have a shake one day and immediately all was perfect.  We noticed the longer he was on the shake, the more benefits we would see.  At this point in time, our son has been on this shake for years.  We even bring a Bullet blender and our shake mix on vacation or on a cruise.  We seriously don’t skip the shake.  We are thankful everyday that we were introduced to Healthy Chocolate.

When we started with the shake, I decided my son and I would be the only ones to try it.  Although it is affordable when you compare how much fruits and vegetables you would need to eat to get the antioxidant and flavonoid values in each serving of the shake, it was still an expense.  Most families with a child with disabilities have additional medical costs so I am sure you can relate to the cost factor.  I bought my son and I each a special cup and told him this was something special just for him and I.  We tried lots of recipes over a few months and finally agreed on our favorite recipe.  We still make this exact recipe to this day.  My son and I highly recommend it.


Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake

1 cup ice

1 cup water

1/2 frozen banana

1 teaspoon peanut butter

1/2 cup or 2 scoops Beyond protein shake


Blend in blender to desired consistency.  Each recipe makes two glasses of the shake.  Make sure to eat the entire serving.  If they are unable or unwilling to finish the shake, use a tupperware container and pour the remainder of the shake into it.  Stick in the freezer and eat as frozen dessert later in the day.


I found by doing this “special” treat with my son, he continued to drink the shake as long as I did.  We both drink the shake to this day and honestly it has been helpful for my health issues as well.  There are many recipes.  The key is not to use milk in the shake for the best benefit.  Some like to use almond milk.  Just one serving of the protein shake has 21 grams of protein and over 56,000 ORACfn (the amount of antioxidants).  If you struggle with your child eating enough fruits and vegetables, this shake may be just what they need.  My son also enjoys the Xobiotic Healthy Chocolate squares with probiotics but what has made all the difference in the world was the shake.  Ask me for details.


The doctor worked with us trying to find a solution but no medication available was able to correct the symptoms. I pray that families that have been touched by autism see this and find the answers my family has found. The older our children touched by autism get, the more of a problem this is. My son is a large adult. It is difficult to control a large adult who is having an outburst. I also worry about autistic individuals ending up in jail for having a temper tantrum type outburst simply because they were frustrated. There was actually a point in time that I was afraid to have my son live at home with us. Trying to find programs for autistic adults in Florida is close to impossible. We are now in a situation where autism has become an epidemic.  According to the CDC in 2014, “Prevalence of autism in U.S. children increased by 119.4 percent from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68).”

As a mom, we continued to feed our entire family a variety of Beyond Healthy Chocolate products.  Even our kids in college drink the Xe Beyond Healthy Energy drinks.  Simple changes can make such a difference.  After realizing the benefits for our family, we decided to make it our mission to share Healthy Chocolate with the world.  Check it out for yourself, you will appreciate the results.   We are Lynette & Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC.

wynlynContact us directly at 941-216-5727 or visit to order with Free Shipping and the lowest price available.  Don’t waste your time or money on Amazon or Ebay.  You want to buy the freshest product available direct from the manufacturer.

For doctors, therapists, specialists, teachers,and anyone working with the disabled or autistic, message me at [email protected] and we would be happy to ship you out a sample box of Beyond Healthy Chocolate to try for yourself.  Our goal is to share the health benefits with as many people as possible.  If you also feel led to start a business sharing healthy chocolate, contact us and we can help you get started.


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Autism Spectrum Disorders, CDC,



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More Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate In 2016

changeyourchocolate1Did you know that not all chocolate is candy?

Yep, this wonderful tasty treat that most of us crave can actually be good for you too. The key is to make sure you are eating cold pressed chocolate as close to raw as possible. I eat healthy chocolate every day.

You may have heard about antioxidants in the last year. They seem to be all over the news. Antioxidants and flavonoids are found in cold pressed chocolate. In fact, raw cacao is a high antioxidant superfood. Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables and is likely why our parents always told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. In a perfect world we should all be eating 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. If you are not meeting this goal, consider incorporating healthy chocolate into your diet.


My favorite chocolates are the Xobiotic and the Nugget. Concerned about calories? Our Power Squares are just 33 calories each.

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Concerned if they are diabetic friendly? They are diabetic friendly!

Concerned if they are gluten free? They are gluten free!

Check out the chocolates that don’t have waxes and fillers like candy. Ours don’t have processed sugars either! Try them today! Chocopieces

wynlynCall Lynette or Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC with any questions or to order at 941-216-5727.

You can also order direct at

2016 is the year you reach your health goals. Change your chocolate today!

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Has Your Family Struggled With The Effects Of Autism, Aspergers, ADHD or ADD Like Ours?

Saying that our family was touched by autism seems like an understatement.

It feels more like we were plunged headfirst into the autism spectrum without much understanding of what was about to happen.  It started out that our son was a little slow in reaching his milestones.  Our first-born son would have heart surgery when he was 2 years old at Lutheran General, a Chicago area hospital.  He would develop unusual symptoms following the surgery including subcutaneous emphysema where it felt like his whole body was filled with rice crispies cereal under his skin.  It was so severe that he did not even resemble the same child for nearly a month.  After this experience his issues seemed to magnify.

He would have episodes where he would scream in the middle of the night and my husband and I tried our best to console him but his outbursts were violent.  As he grew, it became very apparent that something was not quite right.  I was always told that everything was fine, that I was just worried because I was a first time mom.  Looking back I should have been more of an advocate for our son but at that time I completely believed in the doctors and medical staff that treated my son.  Over the years I have learned to do my research but at this time there was no google to search medical terms.  It is amazing how much things change between having your first and second child.

Over the years his diagnosis would change.  In the beginning of middle school he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the next year it would be Aspergers.  Eventually it was determined Autism was the correct term.  My son is 23 now and when he was younger you were not hearing about autism.  Nobody was mentioning autism.  As far as what was wrong, it was just “developmentally delayed”.  I was so tired of hearing the words developmentally delayed.  It seemed like they just did not know what was wrong and they had to call it something. He always had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in school.  It was clear he was delayed and required help, they just were not calling autism what it was at that point at least not in the suburbs of Chicago back in the early 1990’s.  I am thankful that young families today are getting more accurate information early on.  This is because the appropriate therapies can make a world of difference and they can have a much better outcome.  My son received limited therapy because it was not recommended at that time.  Having another son with health issues after my oldest, I quickly learned the benefits of speech, occupational and physical therapy at a young age.  I also had no clue that changing diet could possibly be so life changing.

When our family really started experiencing major issues was when our son became a teenager.  He was not a small boy, so it became difficult to restrain him if he started being combative.  Furniture has flown through our home on many occasions.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many phones, remotes, toys have been thrown and broken in pieces across the house.  I even recall a vacation where our son threw something at a glass covered picture and it shattered in pieces.  Those were the days.  Once our son completed high school he was becoming more frustrated with change.  If something was not able to work out the way he anticipated, we were going to have a problem.  One fateful day, I was out in the driveway checking on our son who seemed quite upset.  Somehow I was pushed in our awkward layout of a driveway with a swale.  I ended up flying, breaking my right shoulder and my left arm.  All I remember was not being able to get up.  It was not a fun time.  Since he was 18, I was sure when I arrived at the Emergency Room and had to tell the physician what happened that he would be arrested and then we would have to figure out how to get him out of jail.  Apparently I was not going to have to worry about that.  They were very concerned if I felt safe in my home until I told them it was my autistic adult son who had pushed me.  As soon as they realized it was not my husband, but my son that was it.  The police were never called and I was honestly shocked.  When following up with the orthopedic doctor and my primary care doctor, I made a point to be honest about what had happened.  It just did not matter.  I guess they knew what could they do.  I guess in hindsight we were lucky.

We knew we had a big problem.

picfamlittle-200x300Our son was taken to his specialist who treats him and they changed his medications to calm him down temporarily.  We started looking for options for our son as we did not feel he could safely live at home and we had other children to protect as well.  Unfortunately in our area of Florida, we do not have the resources that are needed for developmentally disabled adults and we were grasping at straws trying to figure out what to do as an old folks home seemed like an insane option and that was pretty much our only option.  Knowing this was not a valid option, we changed his diet.  We cut out processed foods and started feeding him over 56,000 ORAC a day.  ORAC is the amount of antioxidants in a product.  We incorporated a high antioxidant wellness shake that was gluten-free and made with a high amount of antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols from cold pressed dark chocolate.  Within a few months, we were seeing improvements.  The longer he was on the shake the better his mood.  Not only were the mood swings becoming less frequent, he was able to employ techniques to calm down that had not worked in the past.  We were impressed.

Our son is now 23 and his mood is greatly improved.  He does not skip his high antioxidant breakfast shake.  He also incorporates healthy chocolate during the day and for a treat he loves the Beyond peanut butter cups.  I am sharing our story because these are issues more and more families affected by autism are dealing with.  For us having our sons mood improved and outbursts significantly improved was a quality of life issue.  Had this not helped, he would not have lived at home.  That would have been sad for our entire family.  His brothers have had to learn to cope with a challenged brother but I believe they will be more understanding and more successful in life for understanding the special needs of others.

If you have been touched by ADD, ADHD, Aspergers or Autism we would love to hear from you.  Are you experiencing mood swing issues as well?  If so, how are you finding a way to deal with the struggles?  We would love to hear from you.

We are Lynette & Wayne Henk, here in Southwest Florida and originally from Illinois.  We are now chocolate missionaries sharing the health benefits of Beyond healthy chocolate company chocolates.  Well-Beyond uses a lynette877 process that does not heat or cook the chocolate like candy you find in the grocery store.  This chocolate is diabetic friendly and gluten-free.  This is sweetened with acai and blueberry and does not have waxes, fillers or processed sugars.  We are THE HEALTHY CHOCOLATE. Order healthy chocolates or the Beyond protein shake.  We recommend them both.

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Autism, Aggression, Severe Mood Swings And Solutions For Teens And Young Adults And Their Family

I love my son.  There is no question in this world that I love him more than life itself.  

There are times that I felt the struggle was more than I could bear, when I really was not sure what the next step was going to have to be.  As a mom of three boys, our autistic son being the oldest, the safety of the younger brothers was always of paramount concern.  How do you meet every child’s needs, including those with special health needs and continue to keep the rest of the family safe?  Unfortunately these are questions that families who have a loved one on the autism spectrum need to ask themselves nearly every day.

In a world where 1 out of 6 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), this is the life many families are forced to face.

At a time when more is being done in the form of autism research, early diagnosis and therapies, little is photo (1)available for teenagers and young adults as they age out of the school programs and therapy that made a difference.  You now have a young adult autistic population who are mostly disabled with little to do.  Many don’t drive and don’t live alone.  They may live at home with family if severe mood swings and aggression are controlled, they may live in a group home or they may live on their own with assistance.  Unfortunately programs for this growing group of autistic young adults are few and far between.  This is their reality. A future with limited choices for the individual suffering with autism and their families.

I once spoke with an attorney who had an autistic child.  We talked about vacations with family.  It was sad when I heard him say we can’t ever go on a vacation.  It is not possible.  The child was not capable of participating in a family vacation getaway.  The parents had no options for respite care in their area so the choice was no vacation ever.  Day in and day out they become the permanent caretakers for their child without any hope of a break until they die.  This is the sad truth for some.

I know this because this was my life as well.  As my son was completing high school and he was growing, we were experiencing problems with medications mostly due to hormonal changes and growth.  Here was a teenager who still acted like a 10 year old and had mood swings and frustration like a toddler.  Problem was he was a big guy who was stronger than he realized.  With concerns for safety at home, we certainly were not going to be taking a family vacation.  (More on failed vacation attempts will be covered in a future post.)  These are the safety concerns a family with autism may face.  This was the concern for our family as well.

One day my son became frustrated because his plans had been canceled.  It was something out of our control as most families affected by autism realize that simple changes in schedule can be a cause for severe mood swings or aggression. I was out by the driveway and it had started to drizzle.  At that moment, he pushed me and I flew on our sloped driveway.  First I landed on my right shoulder and then flew to the other side to my left arm and left knee.  I could not move.  My son, scared at what had happened,  ran into the backyard and hid.  My other sons heard me scream and ran out of the house.  All I remember is one son had an umbrella over my head and another was trying to get me up and I could not move.  My husband was running an errand and was not home at the time.  It was not a fun day.

We spent the rest of the day at the local Florida emergency room and I soon found out I had a broken right shoulder, a broken left arm and a very swollen left knee.

Not only was it painful to recover from the injuries, I was afraid and had to come up with a plan to keep the rest of the family safe.  The first call was to the doctor where they tweaked his medications to help calm him down.  Then we made some major changes to diet.  We cut out processed foods, soda except for limited exceptions and added a daily high antioxidant protein shake and Beyond chocolate omega squares.  Within three months, the doctor was able to reduce his medications.  Within a year, his mood swings were completely under control.  He started showing more eye contact and although he is certainly still autistic, his quality of life and our family quality of life has improved greatly.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to change the diet.  The shake my son and I do every morning is called the Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. protein shake.  It is made with cold pressed dark chocolate sweetened with acai berry and blueberry.  I purchased a special cup for my son and I for our shakes and we found a recipe we both liked.  Our favorite shake is made with a frozen banana, creamy peanut butter, water, ice and two scoops of the Beyond X-Proteinmeal shake.  It makes a very thick frothy chocolate shake.  The frozen banana makes it taste like ice cream.  We both love it.  One shake has over 56,000 ORACfn (the amount of antioxidants) and 21 grams of protein.  The shake is gluten free, diabetic friendly and GMO free.  We have lots of recipes, so be sure to message me for a list of recipes.

All shakes are not the same,proteinshake1 this is complete nutrition.  You need to be sure the shake is made with whey protein isolate and not just whey protein which is a lower quality and grade.  Antioxidants are what is found in fruits and vegetables so eating 56,000 of them in one serving is a big deal.  That is more than most people eat in a week.  Check out the picture here that shows the comparison of how much fruits and vegetables you would have to eat to get the antioxidants in just one serving of the shake.  In addition to the shake, I also give my son Omega dark chocolate squares with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Try it today.  We noticed a difference over time, it was not overnight.  Keep track on a note pad of the changes you see.  If your child is less stressed, seems calmer, better able to handle change or less likely to get agitated these are things to note.  We have continued to see an improvement in mood and don’t see severe mood swings any longer.  Our son is still on medication, but this is an integral part of his treatment plan.  Even his doctor noticed a difference.

Improving the diet of your autistic child is never a bad thing.  I am Lynette Henk and my family has been eating Beyond healthy chocolate Company products for over 5 years.  Not only does my autistic child have the shake and the Omega squares, my other children eat the Xobiotic squares and the Xe Energy drinks.  It has improved the mood of our whole family.  Thank God for healthy chocolate!

Call us today if you have any questions.  We can be reached at 941-216-5727, or visit our site at .

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Press release:  Study finds autism, ADHD runs high in children of chemically intolerant mothers

Disclaimer: Beyond products are part of a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle. Beyond is a super-food. Beyond products do not claim to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

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