Starting The New Year Right: Healthy Diet, Reaching Your Goal Weight & Losing The Extra Pounds You Gained Over The Holidays

ripped12I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love that baby Jesus was born to save us all, I love the decorating, the family time and all the yummy holiday goodies. My favorite goodies include Christmas cookies like butternut snowballs, traditional sugar cut-out cookies with frosting and peanut butter cookies with a Chocolate star or kiss in the middle. Problem is once Christmas and all the holiday parties have passed, I usually have overindulged big-time. As I get older, I do seem to get better but still it can be a problem.

I am on my 3rd week of dieting on my CHOCOLATE PROTEIN SHAKE DIET. I am doing pretty good. So far I am down 5 1/2 pounds. I figure I would rather lose a few pounds a week and not have to worry about excess stretched out skin. Just like the Tortise in the Tortise and The Hare story, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” That is how I am focusing on my diet. Slow and steady wins the race.

I lost 1 1/2 pounds last week but considering I was out to eat a few times and I did not exercise as much outside because of the super cold weather, I am actually pretty ok with my results. It has me focused, knowing I really can lose the weight. I love that my shake actually tastes good unlike some of the comercially available “diet drinks”. I have a friend who mentioned she was still hungry after having her diet shake from the store. I like that once I have my shake I am not hungry for about 4 hours. In fact, I feel pretty full! It might be because my shake is 21 grams of protein and high in antioxidants and flavonoids. (Over 56,000 ORACfn–antioxidants)

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If you are looking to finally get in the best shape of your life, make sure you choose a healthy option. Just losing the weight is not good enough. You want something good for you and lose the weight. My chocolate diet was featured in the physician journal for Bariatric doctors called the “Bariatrician”. It included the study that showed an average weight loss of 31 pounds in just 12 weeks and loss of over 5 inches around the waist.

This is how I have been doing my diet and it has been working for me. I am replacing two meals a day with my choice of recipes for my Beyond Healthy Chocolate Protein Shake. Right now I proteinshake1am replacing breakfast and dinner. I have been going out to lunch some days and others making a healthy hearty lunch of grilled chicken, rice and veggies as an example. I also have been having Healthy chocolate squares for cravings and drinking lots of water. Except for last week I had been walking twice a day in my neighborhood. Now I have my Wii Fit ready so I can at least get some exercise in the house.

The best thing is that I feel like I have more energy when I take this shake. If you are looking for a healthy way to reach your weight loss goals. I highly recommend you check this out. There is a reason your mom always told you to eat your fruits and vegetables. They are good for you! Antioxidants and flavonoids in this shake along with whey protein isolate make this shake a superior option.

If you want to jump in with both feet, I recommend ordering the Associate Weight Loss Pack. It gives you 6 boxes of the shake and the Radically Free CD that walks you through the weight loss plan featured in the Bariatric Journal. This is giving you 2 FREE BOXES of the ShAkE.  When you order 6 boxes of the shake, you have enough to last you 6 weeks replacing two meals. I also recommend ordering a box of your favorite chocolates. My favorite is the Xobiotic and the Nugget. The key is to have one whenever you have a craving and 20-30 minutes before your healthy meals (not shake). This will curb your appetite.

If you want to start smaller, check out the RIPPED & RICH PaCK.  This includes the shake, the Xe healthy energy drink and Healthy Chocolate Nuggets for cravings!

Wait til you see how easy this is. I struggle with weight loss, partly because it is genetic and partly because of thyroid issues so seriously even if you struggle losing the weight, this is worth a try. You will love it.

I am Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC. Email message me at [email protected] if you would like free chocolate diet recipes in your inbox.

You can also call 941-216-5727 with any questions or to place an order.


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Can A Wearable Activity Tracker Like The Misfit Swarovski Shine Help You Lose The Weight For Good With A Healthy Diet Plan?

swarovskibrandActivity trackers are getting better and better.  Finally someone took note of fashion trends and actually made a line of activity tracker jewelry that a woman with taste will actually wear.  No longer are you relegated to wear a cheap plastic band, now you can choose from a collection of gorgeous pieces.  I am absolutely in love with the Swarovski Shine by Misfit.  When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I purchased the Swarovski Shine Slake set that includes the gorgeous bracelet in gray and an extra band in white, all which work with the magic crystal.  It works amazingly well and I know these are going to be a hot item this Holiday and Christmas season.

Today I started my chocolate diet and I really needed to be able to keep track of my activity and sleep.  In order to be successful dieting, you absolutely need to incorporate good sleep habits, exercise habits and monitor your eating to some extent.  I really think the Swarovski Shine is going to help me do that.

I have been on so many diets in my lifetime that I stopped counting, literally.  The Healthy Chocolate Diet Plan I am on now was featured on the cover of the Bariatrician, The American Journal Of Bariatric Medicine for Bariatric Physicians.  The complete study confirmed an average weight loss of 31. 2 pounds in 12 weeks and over 5 inches lost around the waist.  Incorporating two healthy chocolate meal replacements shakes, dark chocolate, snacks and a healthy meal of your choice makes this an easy diet plan to follow.  My shake today consisted of two scoops of the Healthy Chocolate Protein Shake, 1 cup ice, 1 cup water, 1/2 frozen banana and 1 teaspoon peanut butter.  It tastes so good and fills me up for four hours. mira

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Today I took a walk between rain storms with my Swarovski Shine bracelet.  I like that it also tracks my sleep and lets me know if I am in a light or deep sleep.  Sleep is important for a successful weight loss plan. If you are looking to get back on track and lose the weight for good, an activity tracker will help keep you focused to lose the weight.  Be sure that you are careful to pick a weight loss plan that is healthy in the long run.  That is why I chose the Beyond Healthy Chocolate Diet plan.  It is proven and is a high antioxidant solution. Even better I can eat dark chocolate anytime I have a craving.  I love that the Beyond Power Square is just 33 calories each.  I don’t have to feel bad for snacking.

If you want to join me, pick up an activity tracker and order your healthy chocolate shake and chocolate. Most people start with the Beyond protein shake and either the Beyond Healthy Chocolate Nuggets or Power Squares for cravings.  Order direct here for discounted wholesale pricing and free shipping! I would be glad to send you a free copy of my favorite meal replacement shake recipes.  I highly recommend using a frozen banana as it makes the shake thick and frothy like a milkshake.  There is nothing better than chocolate.  Call me if you want details at 941-216-5727 or visit us online at

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More Reasons You Should Skip The Diet Soda And Opt For A Healthier Alternative

I read recently that drinking diet soda can actually cause you to gain weight.  Now this makes absolutely no sense at all.  The majority of people who drink diet soda or pop are drinking it because they don’t want to gain weight drinking sugary high calorie drinks.  So to think that drinking diet soda causes weight gain is just ludicrous.  According to the Time Magazine article “What Diet Soda Does To Belly Fat”, you can gain siginficant weight drinking diet soda.  “A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that people who drank diet soda gained almost triple the abdominal fat over nine years as those who didn’t drink diet soda.”

June-Vacay-341-300x225If that does not convince you to stop drinking diet pop, I don’t know what will.  I have switched over to the healthy energy drink called Xe healthy energy.  Not only does it taste great and give me energy, it is also boosting my metabolism instead of making me gain belly fat from drinking soda!

I love that just one can of the Beyond Xe Energy Drink gives you nourishing energy that will sustain you throughout your day or night.  Beyond Xe helps tired Orlando and Lake Mary hospital night shift workers get through those graveyard shifts feeling alert and energized. It also helps those on vacation on Walt Disney World Property or Universal Studios in Lake Buena Vista area.  Xe is my ultimate energy drink for my family.  I send them to my son in college, I keep them at home for my husband and I.  On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I made sure to bring our Xe energy drinks so we could get through the long day at the parks.  No matter if you are planning on visiting Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, you want to make sure you have plenty of the healthy energy drink to get you through.


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Compare XO Xe to traditional energy drinks such as Red Bull, Rock Star, or Monster*.

Theobromine, Maca, Ginseng, Yerba Maté, Quercetin, Guarana, Proprietary Antioxidant Blend, Açaí, Goji, Agave Nectar, Nisin and Natamycin.
Xe contains NO artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or refined sugars.

Taurine; which can be toxic.
Refined Sugar; which causes dental decay (a no-brainer) and triggers the up-and-down jolt that can lead to addiction as users keep drinking more to get back to the pre-crash “high”.

It’s not how you start, It’s how you finish.  Finish right with the Xe healthy energy drink.  Order your FREE SAMPLE PACK today!  Just pay s/h!


We are Lynette & Wayne Henk. We share the health benefits of Xe Energy drinks in Punta Gorda and Orlando Florida and across the country.  Order your Xe Energy drinks today.  Call us for more information or to find out how you can start your own home based Healthy Energy drink business.  Call 941-216-5727, email us at [email protected] or visit

What Diet Soda Does To Belly Fat by Mandy Oaklander, Time magazine,

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Affordable Gluten Free Meals for Weight Loss or Health Plan in 2014


I recently learned that I should avoid gluten due to a MTHFR gene issue that I have.  There are many who suffer from gluten sensitivity, suffer with Celiac disease or have a MTHFR deficiency like I do.  If you have determined that gluten is an issue for you, you may find that it can be difficult to find great gluten free foods and recipes for your family at an affordable price.

I have been drinking a yummy gluten free chocolate protein shake every day for the last few years and I did not even realize it was gluten free!  I was thrilled to know that I could continue to enjoy my meal replacement shake and incorporate some amazingly good and healthy gluten free food options.  The protein shake I drink was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine as a highly successful cacao based diet.  This diet is also gluten free!  So if you are like me, unable to have gluten and need to lose weight or get fit, join me and start 2014 right.

I am participating in the Ripped & Rich program.  It consists of a chocolate gluten free rippedrichshake taken 1 to 2 times a day as a meal replacement if you need to lose weight or as a snack for those looking to get ripped.  This is combined with the Xe Energy drink that you have before workouts and the chocolate nuggets after a workout or before a big meal to curb cravings.  Honestly a diet eating chocolate is one of the best things ever in my book.

Join me and start with the Ripped & Rich pack today.  Not only does this give you everything you need to get started including the Chocolate protein shake, Xe energy drink and XO healthy chocolate nuggets, you also have access to all the meal plans and gluten free recipes, as well as workout routines and exercises available for every fitness level.

I am Lynette Henk.  I am participating in the Ripped & Rich contest.  Join me!  Let me show you how you can quickly get ripped and rich.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or at

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Day 6 on the Chocolate Diet 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

me2I am so excited with my progress on day 6 of my RIPPED & RICH weight loss challenge. First off, how can I not succeed when I am allowed to snack on chocolate.  I mean, what diet lets you do that?  Well the RIPPED & RICH diet does for sure.  Hurry and join me.  This is not a joke.  This is the same cacao based chocolate diet that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine.  This is no scam!

Tomorrow morning will be my first weigh in.  My goal is to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks.  I ordernowrippedam finding this diet plan to be easier to follow than I could have even imagined.  There is still time for you!  Hurry and join us for the RIPPED & RICH program.  You can do this, I know you can!

Order your RIPPED & RICH pack at  You will also have access to the amazing website with meal plans, recipes and exercise plans.  This has to be the easiest diet I have ever been on.  Join me!  Order your pack now!

Contact me, Lynette Henk, with any questions.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727 or

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Gluten Free Healthy Chocolate Meal Replacement Coffee Shake Recipe

photo (2) For those of you who have been following my blog, you know I just started the 8 week RIPPED & RICH get fit challenge.  My goal is to lose 75 pounds in 2014 however my 8 week goal is to lose 20 pounds.  I am using the XO X-protein meal replacement shake that is part of the RIPPED & RICH pack.  This is the polyphenol cacao based shake that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine.  The average participant in the polyphenol cacao diet lost over 30 pounds in just 3 months.

In order to lose serious weight, you need to commit to replacing two meals a day with this protein shake, have a 600 calorie dinner, enjoy healthy chocolate for snacks and cravings as well as a daily snack if needed.  You also need to drink lots of water and commit to limited exercise.  That is what I am doing, and today is the end of day 2.  There are many yummy shake recipes you can make.  It is great that the shake and the solid chocolates are gluten free.  I usually have the peanut butter banana shake but I am trying out different recipes for lunch.  Today I will be sharing with you the Chocolate Mocha Shake recipe that has 200 calories.

Chocolate Mocha Shake
1 Cup Cold Coffee (Black)
2 Scoops X ProteinMeal Shake (1/2 cup)
1 Cup Chopped Ice
2 Fresh Mint Leaves

Blend in blender, mix well for 1 minute.  Pour into glass and enjoy!

Join me and lets get fit and healthy together.  Order your RIPPED & RICH pack that includes 2 bags of the XO Meal Replacement shake (enough for 28 shakes), 12 of the Xe Energy drinks for before workouts and a small box of XO healthy chocolate nuggets for after workouts or to handle cravings.  Order at preferred customer pricing of just $169.95 shipped or ask me about wholesale pricing for those wanting to start a RIPPED & RICH home business.

me2I am Lynette Henk, RIPPED & RICH promoter.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or at

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Want To Bet Your Mail Is Filled With Fitness Magazines & Healthclub Offers?

catalogWhen I picked up my mail today, it was filled with fitness magazines and health club offers. On the front of the Bowflex magazine I received today, it says “It feels good to feel good:. I get that. Today was the day I started my 2014 weight loss challenge. Instead of frustration and concern about succeeding, I have a feeling of excitement. I am anxious to meet my goal weight loss of 75 pounds. I think it makes it easier to split up the goals to something realistic.

Even though my goal is to lose 75 pounds in 2014, my immediate goal is to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks. To me, that is doable. The plan I picked is one I lost weight on before. I met my goal last year but for some reason I just did not have a desire to lose all the weight. I was happy with the intermediate weight loss at the time. Now I am ready to go all the way and lose that last 75 pounds.

As you peruse your post office mail today, check and see how many offers you have for rippedrichexercise equipment, diet plans and gym memberships at your local fitness center. I learned from past mistakes that it is not vital to have lots of expensive equipment. Instead, focus on something simple that you can do to exercise. I enjoy exercise programs like walking and bike riding. If you are forced to stay inside due to the weather, consider buying an exercise dvd that interests you or even better, borrow your kids old Wii Fit that is collecting dust. I know, they came out with the new wii u but you can use the old Wii Fit with the balance board. I love that step program. Actually I think I will pull that out of the garage and start using it when the weather is not cooperating.

The key is to find something that works. I am excited about the contest with RIPPED & RICH where you can earn cash & prizes. They are giving away over $30,000 in cash and prizes so why not get started and get RIPPED & RICH?

I love the RIPPED & RICH website that has recipes, diet plans and even gluten free choices. You then have access to all kinds of exercise plans based on your specific needs All this is free just for ordering your RIPPED & RICH kit!

The RIPPED & RICH kit includes 28 meal replacement protein shakes, (featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine), 12 Xe Energy drinks and a small box of XO healthy chocolate nuggets. If you are looking to lose weight like I am, you will want to start with two packs so you can replace two meals a day. Today I started and I had a yummy chocolate protein shake for breakfast and another for lunch. When I had a craving, I had a piece of chocolate. I am loving this!!

Join me and lets get started getting into the best shape of our lives. I am Lynette Henk, Ripped & Rich executive. Contact me at 941-216-5727 or at

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Excited About 2014 RIPPED & RICH Weight Loss Get Fit Challenge

rippedrichI woke up this morning, New Years Day 2014,  with anticipation and excitement about what I expect this year.  I don’t know if you have already set goals for 2014 but I have been planning on starting an 8 week get fit challenge with the RIPPED & RICH program.  It is a great program for those who wanted to get ripped, get fit or lose weight like I will do.  My goal is to lose 75 pounds in 2014.

My first challenge will be for 8 weeks and I am ready!  Are you?

What I fell in love with about the ripped & rich program is how easy and affordable it is to get started.  First off, they use the XO chocolate diet meal replacement shake that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine which is already a proven diet success, then they include the Xe Energy drink to drink before workouts and the XO chocolate nuggets for after workouts.  (perfect for cravings or to eat 20-30 minutes before a big meal or party with a glass of water)  The best part though is the FREE RIPPED & RICH website that offers meal plans, recipes and exercise plans focused on individual needs.

There is also an 8 week get fit challenge where you can earn cash and prizes.  There are over $30,000 in cash and prizes that will be given away!!

Depending on your goals will depend on what you need to start with.  For those looking to get ripped, you will have two snack size protein shakes a day which consists of 1 scoop of the shake mix.  For those looking to lose serious weight like me, you will do 2 meal replacement shakes a day with 2 scoops of the shake, along with snacks and a healthy 600 calorie meal for dinner.  To get ripped, order 1 RIPPED & RICH pack for a month.  For weight loss like me, order 2 of the RIPPED & RICH packs.  (Each pack will make 28 meal replacement shakes so you will need 2 packs to have enough shake for two meals a day)  Just think how much you will be saving on groceries!

I am Lynette Henk, XO Healthy Chocolate promoter.  Follow me as I lose 75 pounds onme2 the RIPPED & RICH program.  Even better, join me!  Want to learn how to get paid to share this program or get your product free, or both?  Contact me at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or visit


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2014 New Years Resolution Weight Loss & Setting Goals

CRUISEWell BeyondAs I write this blog post the day after Christmas 2013, I can’t help but think about a New Years Resolution for 2014.  There is often debate over the value of new years resolutions, if they actually matter, if you should have them and if it is worth it to have a resolution just to be disappointed when you give up down the road.  I for one find value in starting the new year right by setting and reaching or exceeding goals.  I think the key is to have a realistic expectation.  Saying you are going to lose 100 pounds in 8 weeks is unrealistic, saying you are going to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks is an attainable goal.

I have done quite a bit of soul searching in 2013 and I believe I have set a realistic goal for myself.  My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to lose 75 pounds.  I know this is an attainable and realistic goal for me.  In fact, I have already lost some weight on this same program so I know for a fact it works.  I just need to lose the rest for once and for all. I also know it is not going to happen in 8 weeks.  I am in this for the long haul.  I have done my research and I have decided to lose weight on a high protein, high antioxidant Chocolate diet.  It is based on a cacao based meal replacement shake that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine.  The included 12 week study showed the average weight loss per participant was 31.3 pounds and an average decrease in waist circumference of 5.8 inches.  Since the average weight loss was 31.3 pounds in 12 weeks, It is reasonable for me to lose 75 pounds in a one year timeframe.

I am thrilled about the Ripped & Rich program that utilizes the Well Beyond Chocolate Diet rippedrichmeal replacement shake along with chocolate nuggets and the Xe Energy drink.  Not only is this an affordable option for me, it includes a website where I can keep track of my goals, access recipes including gluten free options and different exercise plans depending on my specific needs.  This website is even included free when you order the Ripped & Rich Pack.  Each pack comes with 2 of the meal replacement shake, 12 of the Xe energy drink and 1 small box of nuggets.  Since I am participating in the weight loss portion, I will need to drink two meal replacement shakes a day.  Each pack includes 28 servings of the shake so I will order two of the Ripped & Rich packs for my first month.

EThose looking to meet weight loss goals like me, will order two packs of the Well Beyond Chocolate Shake and have two double scoop shakes daily.  All delivered in your smart order right to your door!

I love that by simply ordering the pack, you have access to a personal nutritionist to help you eat right, a personal trainer to help you with a customized fitness plan that meets your needs no matter what your level of fitness and goals… and then just to make it a “no-brainer” we offer you an entry into a fun 8-week transformation contest with over $30,000 in cash and prizes to anyone ready to play!  I can totally do this!!  Are you ready to join me?  Come on, lets do this!!!

Best thing is that ordering the two pack option can sign you up as an associate giving you a website and everything you need to earn some serious part or full time cash as well.  I mean honestly, as your friends, family and co-workers see our dramatic weight loss, you know they are going to be asking you how you lost that weight.  Might as well get paid to share and at the very least get your product for free.

My name is Lynette Henk.  Join me in the battle of the bulge.  Decide on your New Years Resolution and move forward.  We can do this!  Contact me with questions at 941-216-5727, email [email protected] or visit

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Now Is The Time To Get Ripped & Rich!

rippedrichI am so excited about a great way to get Ripped & Rich.  Not only can you improve your body image and health, you can get rich in the process.  If you are looking to get healthy and fit while making money, this is it!

The best part?  This is so easy it is foolproof.  If I can do it, I am sure you can do it too.

There is a great XO cacao based protein shake that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine as a highly successful plan to get fit.  The Ripped & Rich program incorporates this highly successful protein shake as  2 snacks twice a day, an Xe Energy drink on workout days and healthy chocolate nuggets for energy.

Sign up now for the Ripped & Rich program and you can get the 12 cans of Xe energy drink and the nuggets included in the price you would normally pay for just the XO protein shake alone!

Depending on your fitness goals, you can work to get ripped or slim and trim.  I am working to lose my last 75 pounds.  This program has meal plans, exercise routines depending on your fitness goals or limitations.  Join me and take the 8-week Body Transformation Challenge! Contest information and tracking tools will be available to keep us focused on the goal.  We have no excuse.  Lets just do it!

The best way to succeed is to have fitness partners join you.  Share this with your friends CRUISEWell Beyondand get Ripped & Rich in the process.  Let me show you how you can quickly earn your initial investment back and then some!  You know everyone is going to want to lose weight once January 1st rolls around, so now is the time to get focused, get ripped and get rich!

I am Lynette Henk, XO Healthy Chocolate Executive.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727 or at  I am looking for business associates who are ready to get ripped and earn serious income.  Call me today.

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