How to locate a last minute travel deal on airfare online in Ft. Myers

englewood-blind-pass-park-beach-1_small1 The internet has made finding a deal on airfare much easier.  There are many sites that can quickly navigate the many airlines to find the best bargain.  Even so, when you need a last minute deal, it can still be quite difficult to find one. There are many sites that offer a better deal on airfare.  Similar to how Priceline will book a hotel for you without sharing the name of the hotel, the same can be done for airfare.  Priceline is one option, but I find that is also a great way to find a deal.  If you are in need of a great value, these sites can be a great resource.  Hotwire for example, guarantees that you will have no more than one stopover and that it will not be for more than 2 hours.  The disadvantage is that the flight may be scheduled anytime between 6am and 10pm.  With hotwire you can expect to save quite a bit more with this option so it is something to consider.  If you do your homework, you will know what airlines may be flying that day so you can have a better idea of when the flight might be. 2Save even more by using a site like ShopatHome which gives you a cash rebate on your purchase.  Right now you get an extra 6% when you use ShopAtHome to shop Priceline. I am Lynette Henk, XO healthy chocolate promoter.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, [email protected] or at   Posted in TravelTagged , , , , , , ,

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